Thursday, November 14, 2013

Royal Red Roses

This Saturday the boy and I are staying at one of the resorts up north. We received an overnight package as a present some time ago and after many months of having it sitting in the draw we decided to at last book. I was wanting something fancy to wear to dinner on the night so I thought I'd visit one of my local dress shops. Whilst there I found a halter neck rose print dress with a full circle skirt by Hell Bunny that caught my eye about six months ago but I never bothered to try it on. Having a closer look I fell absolutely in love with it. However they did not have my size in stock and wouldn't until after Saturday, and it being quite expensive I thought to leave it. Just as I was about to walk out a box of stock arrived in the store and inside by chance was the dress in my size, still in its package and completely untouched. I took it as a sign and snatched it up. You can buy the same dress online here.

What I shall be wearing on the night. Red lipstick is a must.

Until next week!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blonde Haired Woman in a Bright Green Skirt

During an outing on Friday afternoon the boy had to make a quick trip to the printers. Having not been for what seemed too long, I took the opportunity to visit all the second hand stores in the area, five to be precise. When it was time to come looking for me, by chance having no credit left in his phone, he had to pop his head in the door of each store and ask the person at the counter "Has a blonde haired woman in a bright green skirt by any chance been in here?" Of course each of them said yes, and typically I was found in the last store.


- White lace blouse
- Vintage green skirt
- Vintage white purse
- Scarf from Catherine (see here)
- Black ballerina flats
- New hair cut with Françoise Dorléac in mind

Whilst in this last store, a Salvation Army charity shop, I began conversation with one of the women who worked there. I was informed that the next was the shop's birthday and to celebrate everything would be half-price. Rather excited I made plans to come back again, but had a quick look inside anyway. And goodness I'm glad I did.

Earlier that day I had only been looking at my vintage collection and noticed that I had not any vintage maxi dresses. Whilst browsing I came across this beautiful cyclamen coloured dress. Really, the camera does not do this dress justice. It was a great find for me because I'm quite short, and maxi dresses never seem to fit me, but this fit just right. And for only $7.00 it was a steal. I could have waited and got it the next day for only $3.50 but I was too afraid that it would end up in the clutches of someone else. I also bought myself three burnt orange espresso mugs and saucers by Gempo Fine China - Japan for only $1.50. Pity there was no fourth.

Coming back the next day I found many things:

The above pair of shoes -  $1.50.
They are very tiny, at size 5. I couldn't believe I could fit into them.
It made me wonder, if I can fit into these why can't I fit into these?!

Brocade dress - $5.00

Cisada dress with original tag still intact - $2.50
It has splits right up the side which at first did not appeal to me, but after thinking of pairing it with a pair of black tights like Edie here in a similar looking dress I fell in love with it.

Powder blue chiffon blouse from Suzy Speed - $2.00

Vintage white wrist length gloves - $2.00
Vintage white over the elbow gloves - $3.50

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Next Week She's In Stripes

I'm sure that most of you would agree that one of the easiest ways for a girl to get that typical look from the mid 1960's is to opt for a monochrome colour palette of black and white when it comes to choosing her clothing and accessories. And, with op art having been quite popular at the time, what better way is there than to incorporate geometry into the look? This can be very nicely done with thick, bold stripes. One woman who I think encapsulated this look marvelously well was Francoise Hardy.

I felt a little bit inspired by Francoise Hardy in stripes whilst going out the other morning. Usually I pair this dress with white tights and white plastic hoop earrings, but instead I cut down on the accessories in the hope that I'd look more reminiscent of Francoise's simple yet stunning look in these posted pictures.

Below are just a few images of some more sweet sixties ladies also looking marvelous in black and white stripes.

Images: (1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.)

Title: "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" - The Kinks

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sugar Pie, Honey-BUN!

A few years ago I came across these cute little compacts and they have been on my wish list ever since. They are called 'Honey-Buns', and were released from Revlon in the 1960's. As you can see on the top was a really groovy little graphic of a dolly bird with daisies in her hair, and the compact opened up like a purse. They were filled with Love-Pat makeup that came in different shades such as 'Misty Rose' with a pad for application and the compacts themselves were available in either blue, red or white. They were also quite large, measuring four inches in diameter, and thus I'm guessing they had a beautiful big mirror on the inside. And selling for only $3.00, as advertised in a 1964 issue of Seventeen Magazine, who could resist? I don't think that you could get a cuter compact - definitely something I'd love to carry around in my handbag with me everywhere.

Lilly Shan - 1965

Image (2)

Title: "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" - The Four Tops