Sunday, May 27, 2012

Country, City, Beach and the Wonders of the Deep, All Explored Within Just One Week


- Mustard yellow blouse with black tie collar
- Vintage 1970's grey skirt
- Vintage white bag
- Cameo brooch
- Mustard yellow tights
- Black block-heeled mary-janes.

And I thought things couldn't get any crazier. Last week I did about a hundred things I never thought I would have ever done.

I went to the water park with my best friend, which I had not visited for years. We stayed at the hotel there, and my it was beautiful, as well as my first night ever staying at a hotel outside of functions relating to school. We also ordered room service (which I'd also never had for obvious reasons) and received giant bowls of hot cheesy potato wedges. I regret not being able to finish them.

The next day we spent about the park doing and seeing wonderful things.

I saw a Polar Bear prepare himself for a back massage. He then lost his patience waiting for the masseuse and dived into the water to devour a bucket.

I witnessed a waddle of Emperor Penguins strangely flock towards me in a crowd of on-lookers, and look me up and down in a confused manner. My friend said it was because they had found one of their own (Just look at my outfit. It didn't help that I was wearing a black cardigan at the time either). What was even funnier was that I wore that same outfit to dinner with my boyfriend a few night afterwards and he independently thought I looked like a penguin as well.

 I not only stroked sea cucumbers and starfish, but I also touched, and hand-fed a giant Manta Ray. Something I definitely never thought I'd do! It took a lot of courage!

I ate the most delicious criss-cross fries. They look like waffles to me.
They deserved a photo.

I think perhaps my favourite part about the park though, was being within the underground aquariums. It felt so eerie, so silent and so beautiful. The beams of light that came down from the surface looked like solid shards of warm gold. You could almost catch them. I could have stayed in there forever.

After a tiring day we headed home. But there was no rest for me. I immediately had to pack for a four day road trip with my boyfriend. Unfortunately we didn't really get any pictures, despite his taking with him all his bags worth of photography gear.

We headed out the next day in the early afternoon. We would not get to our destination until 10:30 that evening. We took wrong turns, surprised my Grandma in her small country town with a short visit, stocked up on sweets, and battled to stay awake.

At last, we made it. 

A beautiful, beautiful country house almost 100 years old, hidden out beyond a field of tall grass. It had a balcony that stretched all the way around the house, and every room opened unto each other, forming a maze of chipped wood and peeling paint. That night, the sky was the clearest I'd ever seen in my life. I could actually see the Milky Way. It felt as if I'd never seen the sky before. The morning sunrise was just as beautiful. Light came right through the green glass windows of the master bedroom, and a river of fog lay between the rolls of land that seemed to stretch on forever. And upon one hill in the distance, there was what looked like a little silver diamond. The sun was reflecting off of an abandoned house.

We left in the early afternoon, and then headed towards the coast. It was amazing seeing the landscape change as we traveled. When we arrived it was so lovely, and like a little paradise. No building was taller than three stories high, except for one, a fancy five-star hotel, which reached six. It was very different to the coast back home, filled to the brim with high-rises. We rented out a town house, which was even better than the hotel I stayed in at the water park, and then went off into town to experience the night life and have dinner. I had oriecchette pasta and my very first creme brulee. Afterwards, we took at walk along the boardwalk by the beach. It was so clean and so calm, again very different to the coast back home.

The next day was spent at a Food and Wine Festival with Gold Class tickets. We saw some of the world's most famous chefs and tasted some of the most delicious food. Pistachio crusted turkish delight parfaits, coffee panacotta with frangelico jelly, sweet potato chips, honey and walnut ice-cream, ginger ice-cream, macadamia crusted cheesecake, chocolate mousse, green tea noodle salad, wood-wood fired pizzas and free wines and coffees. All good food, all great worth of portions, and all free!

We headed home the next day, following wrong directions and almost running out of fuel completely in the middle of nowhere. We were glad to be back. And as if we weren't tired enough, the next afternoon we went for a rain forest hike to see the most secretive and most beautiful waterfall and picnic there. Go figure.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brown Dress, Black Boots

I've been so busy lately. From lying on the beach at night watching the stars beside an unlit bonfire, to spending a whole day scrubbing at the entire surface of a pool, I really cannot believe just how much I've lost track of time the past few weeks. Tonight I shall be staying at a beautiful resort hotel with my best friend. Believe it or not, I've never been to a hotel before, so this shall be a real treat! Then tomorrow we'll be spending the day at the zoo. And on Friday I'll be going for my very first road trip way up north, about a four or five hours drive away, and staying at another hotel! I shall be coming home on Monday night. I'm very excited. I love visiting places I've never been before. It all seems like an adventure to me.


- Brown dress with black polka-dots and chiffon sleeves
- Black suede boots
- Vintage tan leather belt
- Silver necklace with black beads
- Vintage black handbag
- Black hat
- Glasses

The ladies who inspired this outfit from Monday were the beautiful Anna Wohlin and Pattie Boyd.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"They Probably Know The Chords Better Than I Do" - George Harrison

On Saturday night, I finally saw The Bootleg Beatles in concert. And my, it was unbelievably wonderful!
The flyer read:

 The world's first and finest tribute band, The Bootleg Beatles, continue to thrill audiences with their performing of their acclaimed homage to the Fab Four.

Neil Harrison (former John Lennon); Andre Barreau (George Harrison); and David Catlin-Birch (Paul McCartney) met in 1979 when they were all cast in the hit West-End production, Beatlemania. When the show finished its run the band, knowing the repertoire inside out, decided to continue performing it and thus The Bootleg Beatles were born in 1980, along with the entire tribute genre.

What started as four musicians with black polo necks and a wig has evolved into The Bootleg Beatles' lauded show which combines note perfect renditions of Beatles repertoire, spectacular costume changes and a visually stunning video backdrop. The Bootleg Beatles faithfully re-create 6 phases of the Beatles' rise from a basement (The Cavern in Liverpool) to a rooftop (The famous Apple concert in 1969) via Shea Stadium, Sgt. Pepper's and the Magical Mystery Tour.

After 31 years portraying John in The Bootleg Beatles, Neil Harrison announced his intention to retire from performing in January 2011. Following an intensive audition process and much more media speculation, in Jul 2011 The Bootleg Beatles announced Adam Hastings would don the wigs and glasses in the band. His debut performances with The Bootleg Beatles have been met with rave reviews from fans and critics alike!

Adam Hastings (John Lennon) - guitar, vocals, keyboards
David Catlin-Birch (Paul McCartney) - bass, vocals
Andre Barreau (George Harrison) - guitar, vocals
Hugo Degenhardt (Ringo Starr) - drums, vocals

 The lead up to the night was exciting in itself. Each time I've been to see a Beatles tribute concert I pretend with all my might that I am going back in time to see my boys in the flesh. This night was no different. And with all my dolly gear and ten ton of trusty hairspray, I did my very best to look like an authentic screamie from the crowds of Beatlemania in 1964.

We booked out tickets early, and were lucky enough to get second row seats; the closest I've been at a tribute Beatles show yet! Scattered upon the stage were replicas of well known Beatle instruments, such as Paul's psychedelic bass and signature Hoffner, and George's 360/12 Rickenbacker, along with Vox speakers. I almost could not contain my excitement!

And then boom! Out they came!

They opened with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" in their black polo neck sweaters and beatle boots. After playing a set, they then went to exit the stage. I quite loudly declared my love for George, and he blew me a kiss. Then a minute later they returned in their Shea Stadium outfits and broke out with a brilliant performance of "She's A Woman". George did the most amazing job of playing the solo from "Taxman" live - amazing! Their resemblance to The Beatles was really quite stunning. But the star was definately Adam Hastings, the man who played John. I honestly could not believe how similar he looked to him. It was like having John Lennon right there on stage in flesh and blood. Each time he looked my way my heart jumped, as for a moment I really believed it was him. I could not tell you how much I wanted to jump up on the stage and tell John how much I love him and hold him forever.

"End of Part One. Intermission"

The gentlemen next to me (who I'd sing and dance with for the rest of the night like an old drunken friend at the pub with) complimented that my hairstyle took him way back to '64 when he saw The Beatles.
Another gentleman behind me compliment on my twist during "Twist And Shout", and I began talking with he and his wife. She'd been to see The Beatles in 1963, and had also visited the Dakota Apartment Building, as well as Strawberry Fields, in New York. I found that George was also her favourite, and for the rest of the night we shared smiles and knowing glances.

"End of Intermission. Part Two"

The most fabulous Sgt. Pepper's outfits I'd ever seen - custom made and identical to those of the actual Beatles back in 1967. Each little detail in each individual outfit was stunning. They were accompanied by a mini orchestra consisting of a trombone, trumpet, curved soprano and alto saxophones and a cello, and opened (of course) with "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" followed by "With A Little Help From My Friends". John looked even more like John with his cropped hair, moustache and national health glasses.

After this set they then changed into their "Let It Be" costumes. John continued to amaze me further more. I cannot tell you how unbelievably surreal it was.
What was also really beautiful was when the stage was left for George alone to play "Here Comes The Sun". My sister and I got tears in our eyes. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" did not help either. I closed my eyes, and for a moment I really believed that my George was right there in front of me. I could not have asked for anything more in my life at that moment.

Finally, they closed with "Hey Jude", which also almost brought me to tears. They took their bows and then left the stage. I did not want them to leave! But thankfully they came back to play "Back In The USSR" and finally a spectacular, spectactular, rendition of "Long Tall Sally". The lady who was sitting behind me pulled me out into the aisle and we danced like it was '63, completely in love with music, and completely in love with The Beatles. We shared a big, big hug afterwards. It was so wonderful to connect with strangers in such a sincere way through such a strong and shared love of something. The happiness I felt was immense. I had never danced so much in my life. My knees were wobbling when it finished. My little sister later told me that I looked as if I was completely in my own little world, in a time bubble. She also later told me that through the night I was enjoying myself and getting into it so much that everyone around me must of thought that I was drunk!

They played such a fantastic selection of songs, and some that I never ever thought I'd hear live, such as "Lady Madonna", "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "The Ballad Of John And Yoko", which I am so thankful for. Really, their performance was amazing. Each musician so accurately replicated the mannerisms of each of the Liverpudlian lads. Vocals, playing styles, foot stomping, facial expressions, humour. You name it. Even Paulie's winks and finger-pointing, and John's cheekiness and gum-chewing were present.

What also made the night so special was their interaction with the audience. They all smiled and winked at me all night, especially Paul, as I sang along with every single lyric and squealed at the introduction of every single song. I felt so proud of my love for my boys, and I'm sure that they were glad to be bringing so much joy at the same time.

All in all, The Bootleg Beatles are a must see for any Beatle fan.

Here is a rough list of the songs that were played on the night:
  • I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • Please Please Me
  • From Me To You
  • She Loves You
  • Roll Over Beethoven
  • This Boy
  • No Reply
  • Eight Days A Week
  • You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
  • She's A Woman
  • I Feel Fine
  • A Hard Day's Night
  • Can't Buy Me Love
  • Taxman
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Help!
  • Twist and Shout
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • With A Little Help From My Friends
  • Got To Get You Into My Life
  • Lady Madonna
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • All You Need Is Love
  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • Come Together
  • Here Comes The Sun
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • Birthday
  • The Ballad Of John And Yoko
  • Get Back
  • Hey Jude
  • Back In The USSR
  • Long Tall Sally

Friday, May 4, 2012

Red Dress - Red Shoes

Yesterday's Outfit:

- Red dress with blue floral print and bows on the waist
- Red Satin "Bettie" shoes by Pinup Couture
- Vintage white bag

A very simple outfit indeed. I didn't realize just how simple it was until I noticed that there were only three things that made up the outfit; something very unusual for me. But I love it!

So far May has been quite lovely. Trips to an empty beach skipping stones and climbing rocks, feeding the gulls on the most beautiful cliff-side looking out to the sea, trying my hand at skateboarding, watching hot chocolate spoil and buying popcorn and a choc-top from the cinemas, only to bring it home to watch a movie in bed. Yes, very lovely.

And tomorrow night shall only add to all this loveliness. I shall be seeing The Bootleg Beatles in concert and I am awfully excited. I bought a brand new teasing comb (my old one has mysteriously disappeared) just for the occasion! I am still yet to figure out what I shall wear. But I do know that it will be something that screams Beatlemania.

Can you believe the likeliness of these men to my boys? Baffling!
Though the gentleman who plays Paul does look a bit more like '65 George (without the mo' of course) than Mr. McCartney, don't you reckon?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Pink Blouse and a Cameo Brooch


- Pink collared blouse with black trim and tie-up bow
- Black and white skirt
- Vintage black bag
- Black block-heeled mary-janes
- Lace trimmed ankle socks
- Cameo brooch

Well, I must say that this has most certainly been one of the most eventful months in my life so far. There have been so many changes and so many new beginnings, and in such a short period of time. I can only hope that May is just as wonderful, if not, better.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Navy Shorts and Shoes


- White blouse
- Navy shorts with giant bow on the waist
- Frilly white knee high socks
- Vintage navy shoes
- Vintage navy bag
- Pearl earrings
- Cameo brooch with bow

I went looking for treasure this Thursday, and though I did not end up going to all the stores I'd hoped to, I still came home with some wonderful things!

 This neat dress. I was a little reluctant to buy it, as it didn't fit me quite as good as I'd hoped, but it reminded me too much of this dolly.

I literally pounced at this little hot pink hat-box shaped plastic wicker bag when I saw it. And it was only $3.00! Really, the picture does not do it any justice. I cannot wait to wear it with my vintage pink beads.

Now this was lucky. At Supanova, (which I mentioned here), I found a pair of white PVC Go-Go boots, something that I've wanted for years. However, I've been trying to save and they were a little too dear for me so I let them pass. But the thrifting gods blessed me with a black suede pair in exactly my size for only $7.00! I'm glad I waited! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Luck of the Irish


- The 'Twiggy Dress'; one of my first ever dresses bought with the 1960's in mind.
- Vintage green 1960's earrings
- Green tights
- Black block-heeled mary-jane shoes
- Vintage white bag

Yesterday I took a bus trip way, way up north to shop for the day. Just something a little different. I love visiting new and unfamiliar places and towns. It all seems like an adventure to me. Who knows what secrets I'll find. Either way, funnily enough I only bought a couple of things, one of them being this cameo brooch. I've got cameo brooches, rings, earrings, necklaces. I think it's turning into a little collection, though none of them are worth anything. 

On Saturday I went to Supanova for the first time with my little sister. For all of you who live in Australia, this is a must! So many fabulous people, stalls, stars and costumes that you would not believe! And there I was lucky enough to meet in person Wil Wheaton, Chandler Riggs and James and Oliver Phelps. All such kind, lovely and welcoming people.

One of the many things I bought there was this pair of green tights. I'd been looking for the perfect colour in ages. All I'd seen before in green was bright neon colours which I did not quite fancy, so I nearly flipped in my shoes when I saw these! And so, I wore them for the first time yesterday. I received a mix of reactions as I always do, but a lot more than usual. Leers and stares are a guarantee, but "Oh the luck of the Irish", "Lephrechaun" and "Where did you buy your tights? I've got to dress up as a frog and I can't find any!" sure are something!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My, my!

My goodness! I've been very busy this past week. So busy that it's even been difficult for me to update my tumblr! Now that is something! I have been having the most wonderful time doing the most wonderful of things! Eating too much ice-cream with cherries on top, breakfast in bed with a pink rose in bloom, tea with a single candle, visiting a secret wishing well, watching an amazing display of fire-twirling and being with a very special person. Really, it all seems like a dream.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took the other day. I got these little lace trimmed socks for my birthday last year but have never worn them as I've never felt I had the right shoes or outfit. Well, I think I found them. I'm now wanting to buy a hundred pairs of pretty little socks to wear and skip about it.

Don't you think my ring is pretty neat? 
What secret shall I keep within it?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stripes and an Apple Brooch


- Navy blue and white striped dress with peter-pan collar
- Thrifted red apple brooch
- Red patent belt from my boyfriend
- White tights
- Vintage navy blue purse
- Vintage navy blue heels
- Red studded earrings
- Red headband
- Red plastic bangle (I've been taking inspiration
from Nancy Sinatra with these lately)

I went shopping today. Yes, I looked quiet drained and my hair is a ragged mess. For some reason today was quite exhausting. But here you are; these are the things that I bought.

When I tried this dress on it made me and my mother think of Dorothy Gale or Alice in Wonderland.

This was too beautiful not to buy.
I'm thinking pincurls, and red heels and red lipstick.

For some reason this dress made me think of this lovely lady in "Factory Girl".
I cannot wait to wear it with my new old over-the-knee boots and a pair of Edie earrings.

My mother also treated me with a little surprise the other day too. A vintage pink satin handkerchief bag with lace trim. 'Tis a shame I forgot to take pictures.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pinup Presents

The past week I've been very, very busy. I haven't had much time to blog or update my tumblr, but I just had to show you these. They are gifts that my boyfriend so kindly bought for me. He took me shopping at a place that I've always loved very much, but never ending up buying anything from as it's always been too dear for me, and I tried on a stack of the most beautiful dresses I've ever worn in my life. They are by the label Pinup Couture. The cherry dress was my favourite, and I wore it that night to the movies with him. The next day he then surprised me with a second dress, two matching belts and a pair of red satin heels! I now know exactly what I am going to wear to this year's 1950's nostalgia festival. I am a very lucky girl indeed!

A variation of the Birdie Dress by Pinup Couture

Bettie Red Stain Heel with Ankle Strap and Peep Top by Pinup Couture