Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another Year Over: Goodbye 2013

And so 2013 finally comes to a close. I must admit, I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with this year. It's been quite an eventful one. The boy and I had to say goodbye to the beautiful stray kitten we had adopted as we sadly gave up our first home together and moved back to our families. There were numerous occasions in which family members were placed in hospital, and there have been two unfortunate passings. But I am going to try and remember this past year not for those things, but for the good things that did happen. 

I've met some really wonderful, unique and interesting people, both in the blogging world and in 'the real world', all of which bring me happiness. I saw Ringo Starr himself live in concert, and had him acknowledge me individually. That is one thing ticked off my 'dream' list that I never thought would ever happen. I've completed my first year of University studies and my first Practicum after procrastinating for quite some time. I had my palm read and swam in the beach for the first time in years. I am beginning to compile ideas for future drawings and artworks, something I haven't done in a while. The boy and I celebrated our first anniversary together and a beautiful new baby girl was brought into the world on Christmas Eve. 

I've spent a lot of time with my wonderful Grandma who has been living with us recently. I've taken little trips here and there to see new and interesting places farther away from home than I usually go and I've tried to keep onto my guitar playing. But mostly it is the joyful little things that have happened this year that make me laugh or bring a smile to my face that I hope I will think of when I remember 2013, whether it be from the boy and I ridiculously running through a tropical cyclone together just to get lunch or my Grandma and I having a giggle on the balcony together. 

Yes. This year has been a bit up and down but I am determined to make the most of 2014. Thank you all for reading my blog, it's been a real joy, and I wish you all the best for the next year. 

Happy New Year!

Lucy xx

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post Christmas Post

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had the most enjoyable Christmas, got some lovely presents and that you ate lots of yummy food with your loved ones. It really seems like it has just come and gone without warning this year. I still feel like I'm stuck in April - I can't keep up! And my goodness it was a hot day. But you can trust Australia for that.

For me, I spent Christmas with my family with all twelve of us around a big table, two dogs, two cats, two birds and one wonky tree. A nice day was had and many lovely gifts were exchanged. In the evening I then went over to the boy's house to have Christmas dinner with him, and to congratulate the family on their latest addition - a new baby girl born just Christmas Eve.

This year I received something really quite special for Christmas.

No, I am not engaged!

Many years ago when my Nonno was still alive, whilst panning in one of the creeks up north, he found a small collection of raw topaz. At the beginning of this year the stones were found in a small tobacco tin after thirty years. They were then cut and set into rings, each different with their own unique style and character, for each of my brothers and sisters and I so that we will always have a part of our grandfather to keep close with us. This will certainly be treasured always. 

How did you spend your Christmas?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Just In Time For Christmas

In late November I was lucky enough to win this incredible little white beaded vintage purse in a giveaway by Melinda from Austin Vintage Blog. It arrived in the mail a couple of days ago, and I see this as a lovely little surprise just in time for Christmas. Thanks Melinda!

The purse is in very nice condition and the length of the strap is perfect, just like it was made for me. Because I am quite short it is often hard for me to find purses and handbags with longer straps that fit nicely, so I am very appreciative of this little charmer and cannot wait to take it out on the town!

Do visit Austin Vintage Blog. There are many great posts all things vintage and antique, and nifty little giveaways are held frequently. Thanks again Melinda!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Five Minute Pattie Boyd Hair Tutorial

Not long ago one of my Tumblr followers asked me if I could do a tutorial on one of the hairstyles Pattie Boyd was seen wearing in the 1960's. And I thought I'd give it a shot. Unfortunately my hair is too long to replicate this gorgeous 'do, so my completed hairstyle is merely an adaptation, more reminiscent of Miss Boyd's barnet on her wedding day to Beatle George Harrison in 1966. But if you have hair at a similar length to Pattie's in this adorable 1964 picture of her, the look should be spot on if you follow my seven simple steps. And it only takes five minutes!


- A good brush
- A 'rat tail' teasing comb
- A black hair-tie
- Thick black ribbon

Note: This style works best one to two days after washing your hair.
For medium to thick hair. 


Tame your hair by giving it a good brush. 


Brush hair (excluding your fringe/bangs) away from your face and towards the back of the head. 


Run your two thumbs from just above your ears to the upper back of your head, separating your hair into two groups. Make sure it is quite smooth with your brush!


Pull it right up into a smooth high ponytail, right on top of your head.
Secure with black hair tie.


Gently pull at the side of the ponytail and fan your hair out to come down around the sides of your face.


Slide the teasing comb into the top part of your hair above the fringe and gently push forward to create a buffy look. You could call this a cheat's way at getting your hair to look a little teased when you are in a rush or on the go. Make sure it is quite even all around.


Tie in a thick black ribbon, brush your hair and fringe so it falls nicely, spritz a little hair spray and ta-da!

If you like, and if you aren't in a rush, you can always also curl your hair at the ends for a sweeter look. You can also improvise and swap the ribbon with a cute hair clip, or even wrap an extra bit of hair around the hair-tie like Cynthia Lennon, who was also seen wearing a similar hairstyle in the 1960's. Give it a whirl.

Let me know if you need further clarification. I hope you enjoyed!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Veruschka in Valentino

It is no surprise that in the 1960's Valentino Garavani was well renowned as the fashion genius of Italian Couture, as well as a highly distinguished designer of the fashion industry at the time itself as a whole. His creations were worn and modeled by many from Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, to the German model Veruschka von Lehndorff.
In 1966 Veruschka was photographed wearing one of these creations, and it so happens to be one of my very favourite items of couture clothing from the decade. 

It is a stunning striped full-length, double-breasted, multi-coloured coat. The three-quarter length sleeves and vertical stripes coming down from the empire waistline create the illusion of tallness and slenderness, and the vibrant spectrum of the stripes has been arranged in a way that is so pleasing to the eye. 

The photograph was first displayed in the November 1st issue of Vogue in 1966. Versuschka was pictured wearing the brilliant coat over a striped chiffon full-length gown, also from Valentino, sitting on the marble floor of an entryway. The photographer was Henry Clarke. The stripes upon the sleeve of the coat travel down the model's arm in an arrow formation and create beautiful line and flow extending out to her elegantly placed hand and down her sloped leg. This compliments the incredible mass of stripes gently flowing and rippling down and out from the centre of the photograph like a psychedelic river of colour. Her strong and sultry gaze completes the image and perfectly enhances the beauty of this incredible coat. 

It is through this photography that I fell in love with this coat and came to view this item of clothing as not just something to wear, but a piece of art to be appreciated.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Makeup of A Modern Muse

Last week I celebrated my birthday. Because my sister and I share our birthdays only four days apart we decided to celebrate them together this year and take a three day trip up north to a nice little beach-side town. Whilst there we swam in the surf, relaxed by the pool, ate at many cafes and restaurants, watched the boats come in and out in the afternoon and saw only one cat among too many dogs to count. There must have been at least two hundred that we saw. Terribly enough, I didn't take any pictures. But I do have some pictures of a couple of the lovely gifts I received.

The boy surprised me with this beautiful Estee Lauder makeup and makeup travel case gift pack. Each time I go to visit him I have to wrap up all my makeup up in a little velcro towel bag, so this shall definitely come in handy. Not to mention I will also have much fun recreating some of the eye makeup styles in my growing collection of pictures of lovely 1960's ladies and their incredible makeup. 

I'm going to go nuts with this eye shadow palette. I'm thinking eyes like Anna Karina.

The lipstick is particularly nice. I love the gold speckles, like snow falling on a winter's night.

He also surprised me with this perfume that I've been pining over lately. I had recently received a boxed sample of it from a friend and after trying it I have been wearing it ever since.

It is Modern Muse Eau de Parfum, also by Estee Lauder, and released this year. It has a luxurious dual scent of sweet jasmine and sleek woods and whilst wearing it I feel exudes an atmosphere of sophistication and classic glamour from years gone by. The packaging is soft, simple and elegant too, and really does look rather pretty sitting on my vanity. 

The gold and navy colours of the bottle also match with the makeup carry case set. How nice.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Wish List

I must apologize for my lack of blogging recently. After coming back from the little resort getaway with the boy I fell sick and it took me some time to recover. Things have also been quite busy as of lately in preparation for Christmas, birthdays, graduations and a little holiday up north. But I am hoping that my blogging shall become more frequent. I have a slowly compiling string of posts up my sleeve that I hope to post soon.

Anyway, here is just a little list of things that I wouldn't mind seeing under the tree this year. 
What are you wanting for Christmas?

"Foale and Tuffin: The Sixties. A Decade in Fashion." by Ian R. Webb

Apple Records Dartboard.

"This is a faithful reproduction of the original 1968 collectible which was manufactured in limited quantities and issued exclusively to Apple employees and close friends."

 Vintage Biba Powder Tint Set in "Peacock".
Eye shadow colours included are red, blue, grey and green.

Vintage 1960's Avon dolly lipstick holder with mirror.

Vintage book ends.

I'd use these to store my 45's. They are currently sitting upright in a shoe box. 
These look like they'd do the job much more nicely.

Woolworth's Baby Doll make-up products.

Yes, wishful thinking but a girl can dream!
In fact, has anyone actually seen any of these up for sale at all?

"Birds of Britain" by John Green. 

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