Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Houndstooth, Half Done Hair and Heels From Hell

I suppose you could say that I've been a bit slack on outfit posts this year. But I'm trying! This was what I wore the other day whilst walking out to the bus stop to go up and see the boy. Quite the disaster really. I was running late and only had time to half-'flip' my hair. But because I am a bit of a day-dreamer I forgot to put the spray in to set it. By the time I took this photo my half done hair had half fallen out anyway. But that is not at all what made this outfit disastrous. 

These here that I'm wearing are the shoes that were shown in this last post. They are black patent heels with a cute sixties looking block heel. I have been wearing them about the house lately to break 'em in, and thought that I had successfully done so as I was no longer experiencing any pain. Thus, I decided to wear them out, along with my new houndstooth dress, a vintage green scarf, vintage purse and my sweet little 'Marianne' glasses in my groovy new case. Whilst walking out I felt quite fabulous (despite my heckish hair-do). But halfway there I felt something strange. I looked down and to my complete surprise my feet were covered from heel to toe in blood. Guess I had quite a misjudgment there. What a dill I am. Unluckily having no tissues nor bandaids in my purse, which I usually carry with me all the time, I had to hobble to the nearest 7/11 looking like I'd just stepped out from not only a gruesome crime scene, but one from 45 years ago. What a sight I must have been!

Have you ever had any big wardrobe mishaps? I'd love to hear!

It may make me feel a little bit better about my clumsiness. 

Friday, April 18, 2014


Goodness it's been a while since I've done a post. I've been very busy lately, trying to dedicate a balanced amount of time to everything and it just doesn't seem to be working out very well. I am hoping that my posts will soon go back to being more frequent. Anyhoo, though things have been quite stressful lately finding these few things in the charity shops in my town this week felt like a lovely sigh of relief. 

This beautiful vintage green and navy houndstooth suit seemed like a gift from the gods when I saw it hanging on the racks in Lifeline. I quickly swiped it up and took it to the change rooms, praying that it would fit me. And what luck! Never has a jacket fit me so well. And for once I can actually see my hands whilst wearing one. With it's cute peterpan collar, pockets and all, I bought it for just $12.00. At the counter the woman next to me said that she had a suit exactly like it in the 60's but with pants instead of a skirt. She would wear it with bright lime green shoes. How perfect. I'm now on the look out for some to go with it. 

This dress was a sweet little thing to find; not vintage but you can't beat a houndstooth pinafore dress for a cute 60's look. I'm thinking a red polo neck with a matching red beret? I nearly flipped when I saw these vintage strap silver shoes from Grace Bros. Ever since I made this post I'd been pining over a pair of silver shoes. The compact was from a few weeks ago. It has little silver flowers and pearl detailing on the top: a nice little addition to my growing vintage mirror/compact collection. 

 And lastly, I acquired this vintage glasses case. It won't fit much, and certainly not any of my sunglasses. But my little 'Marianne' shades fit it in there very nicely. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There She Goes Again - Cynthia Lennon

Here we are again lovely lads and ladies. Another "There She Goes Again" post. This time around the spotlight is on one of my top favourite style icons from the 1960's, Cynthia Lennon, and her trusty black leather bag. Sleek, stylish and with two different lengthed straps for both convenience and versatility, Cynthia used this lovely little bag quite a lot during 1964. I am almost certain too that she can be seen with it in various photographs up to 1967, and it's no wonder. It matched so wonderfully with her outfits.

Many female readers out there may know the annoyance that it can be to constantly have to switch the contents of your bag to another when wanting to match an outfit nicely. I myself also find it a particular nuisance when I can't fit my purse into a different bag properly. Thus I'm sure that many would agree that having that 'perfect' bag like Cynthia just makes everything so much easier, saving a lot of time and fuss. 

For a modern day go-to equivalent of Cynthia's bag I would have to say that the Effie Satchel in Black Spongy Pebbled by Mulberry is the most similar. You can buy it here. You'd have to be pretty keen though. It costs a whopping $1, 100. Has anyone else seen a more affordable modern day equivalent?

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Vintage Dress Collection

The other day the boy and I popped into our local antique store for a quick look around. Whilst in there I came across a very lovely vintage dress from the 1960's. Not usually my choice in colour, but it fit beautifully and I loved the style so I bought it for $35.00. When I got home it inspired me to share with you my growing collection of vintage dresses ranging from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's. 

I began collecting vintage items of clothing, amongst other knick knacks, about five years ago. I had already been dressing in 1960's inspired fashions several years beforehand but it wasn't until then that I began actually wearing vintage (aside from the odd purse or pair of shoes here and there). I have also never spent more than $35.00 on a vintage dress, as of today. Over the years I have patiently searched through charity store after charity store, sale rack after sale rack and this is what I have slowly compiled. To some of you it may not make much sense: to strenuously search for something so uncommon that can easily be found in flourishes upon the Internet. But in all honesty I feel that if I began buying vintage online I'd become too much of an impulsive buying and end up having enough clothing that I could swim in. It's already getting to that point as it is. So I think by doing it the harder, longer way it is a much more effective way to control my spending and space within my closet. It may not be the biggest collection of dresses, but I am very pleased with what I have. 

1. The only maxi dress within my collection. I bought it last year for $7.00. The fit is lovely and reminds me of an early 70's BIBA design. You can read more about this dress here

2. I call this one the 'Jean Shrimpton' dress as the cut reminds me of the dress the model wore to the Melbourne Cup Carnival in Australia, 1965. The fabric has a delicate suede feel to it and it comes with a groovy plastic ring belt. Unfortunately I am unable to fit this dress anymore. It has a very tiny fit and was bought at a time when I was twig-thin for $10.00. 

3. This was one of the first vintage dresses I ever bought. It is a Crimplene dress and I think a wee bit Space Age lookin'. It is really quite big, almost a little too big for me to wear. It was $15.00. 

4. Not really a dress, but a skirt and vest suit set. For $6.00, it had the most beautiful soft texture. I couldn't resist it. The two pieces of fabric that are hanging down wrap around to tie at the back. I always thought this suit looked a bit Bus Stop by Lee Bender.

5. Another dress that I can no longer fit. It is very very tiny. A handmade dress, I bought it from a tiny little charity store way up north whilst visiting my Grandmother on holiday and for just $1.00. It has such a pretty print with pink flowers all over it and the cuffs are divine. I used to live in this dress.

 6. This orange dress with the big chocolate shop bow was bought up north for $12.00 and found within the costume section of a charity store. From that day on I learnt to always look in the costume sections of charity stores and by doing so I have found many other different types of vintage clothing and sleepwear over the years.

7. 'Dolly's Dress' was bought at the beginning of this year for only $6.00. You can read more about her here.

8. This dress was bought for $7.00 just not long ago. It reminds me of something Marianne Faithfull would have worn in the late 60's. You can read more about this dress here.

9. Another one of the first vintage dress I ever bought. It came from a little charity shop that no longer exists. I cannot remember how much I paid for it. I loved the little pocket detailing when I first saw it. The only thing about this dress is its size. It is quite big. Back when I bought it I did not have very good self-perception and for some ridiculous reason thought that it would fit me. Even now, weighing a lot more these days, it is still too big for me to wear. And so it just sits in my closet looking pretty.

10. This is another dress that I bought not long ago. You can read more about this one here.

11. And here is the lovely dress that I just bought! Brown with white stitching and a single silver button on the collar. It is in beautiful condition too.

12. What a silly girl I was. This dress was christened 'The Dentist's Dress' by the boy. Another of the first few vintage items of clothing I ever bought, it was originally a maxi dress. I thought I'd have a shot of hacking the bottom off and hemming it up into a mini dress. Did not turn out well, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it! The belt it comes with is quite damaged. I have to be very careful when wearing it.

13. I think this dress was the very first vintage dress I ever bought. I think. It was $4.00 from a charity shop and by Lady Wrangler. I practically lived in this dress during my art school days.

14. Bought two years ago for $34.00 from our local antique store. Perfect, green and very tiny I could just fit into the beauty. But upon meeting the boy and being gifted with chocolates here and there my hopes of fitting into it became hopeless, ha! You can see the dress more clearly here.

15. This beautiful velvet dress I call the 'Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress' dress. You can read more about it here.

16. And finally, perhaps my favourite in my collection, this psychedelic little mini. You can see it better here.