Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sleeping on a Dandelion

Just a quick little post showing you my vintage 1960's bedsheets. We got them from the boy's mother, and gee whiz they are the comfiest sheets I've ever slept on (and the prettiest too!).

Don't worry. They do not look this dull in real life, but are bursting with colour! They look beautiful in the morning when the sun shines on them. It makes the room seem to tinge with shades of yellow and almost looks like the room has been captured within a vintage photograph.

I especially love them though, because they remind me of the vintage sheets that my Grandma would always sleep in when she stayed with my family. I remember waking up early in the mornings as a little girl and running in to visit her when she woke up in bed.
God bless, Grandma.

Title: From "Flaming" - Pink Floyd

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Lovely Day to Wear a Beret

This morning the boy and I went out looking for a present for my sister's 25th birthday. 

This is what I wore:

- Vintage white beret
- Vintage red ribbed blouse
- Plaid below-the-knee skirt
- Black kitten heels with bows
- 1950's vintage black handbag

I had quite a few people compliment me on my outfit today, including one lady calling me baby-doll, another one even said I looked French! I don't know if it was the beret or the outfit in general. I felt like wearing my red lipstick today, and when I do I nearly always dress pre-1960's style. I was going to wear my hair in victory rolls, in order to practice for the 1950's nostalgia festival that is occuring in my town soon, but they weren't as nice as I'd hoped them to be. The lady that cut my hair put layers in the front (which I was not happy with) so it is a little bit hard for me to do the old styles that I used to do (a bad example here)- pincurls are a nightmare to do now! So I decided to simply wear my white beret.

Yes I know, today was intended for looking for a present for my sister (which I did get!) but I had to spoil myself with this lovely little lovely. I couldn't resist the puff and frosted glass! It smells like vanilla and gives your skin a soft shimmer and sparkle. It looks beautiful sitting on my dressing table. I'll have to do a post on it soon.

How cute is this? The boy and I got it for our anniversary. It is now stuck permanently on our fridge.

I was quite happy with my eye makeup today - applying the eyeliner a little bit thinner than usual and extended my eyebrows a little into the temples. Don't mind my lipstick. It was after we came home and I hadn't realized how much it had rubbed off. That's what drinking hazelnut iced chocolate tea does to you.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Not So Sunny Afternoon

At last I have sorted out the dilemma with the camera. And it took me all afternoon! Damn, you have no idea how much frustration I have for Windows 8! Please tell me that I am not the only one who despises it! But I suppose I shall grow to it. Painstakingly. Eventually. I finally uploaded some of the pictures from the Local Marketta Launch. It took me long enough! Have a look if you like.

Anyway, today I went out with my sister to help her find a nice rug for her unit. And whilst looking for her I became so distracted and began selfishly looking for myself, well, because I saw the most beautiful carpet I have ever seen: This beautiful orange, ornate, psychedelic rug, and for cheap too! If only the boy and I had waited. We could have had this amazing rug of incredibleness in our unit instead and for a lot less than what we paid for the one that we have now! This Union Jack one was pretty spiffy too.

I spent the rest of the day helping her place her newly bought rug in her unit, as well as her outdoor seater, and trying to figure out how to function my laptop all the whilst listening to my warped 1967 copy of The Kinks' LP "Sunny Afternoon".

This is what I wore:

- 1970's vintage blue wool top
- Vintage cream coloured skirt with a split in the leg
- 1960's vintage white heels with bows
- Plastic white bangle
- Vintage white handbag

(Please do ignore the cables)

Like my shoes?

I found these lovelies for only $4.00 at a local charity shop and they are the most comfortable vintage shoes that I own. They originally came with clips on top, but I think they look much better like this.

"Sunny Afternoon" warps round and round on the record player that sits on the bookcase. (No, the bookcase is not complete yet! It still has a little more organizing to go.) I hadn't played it in so long, as my collection was at my parent's place, that I'd forgotten about the warp in it!

I hope that your afternoon was not near as frustrating as mine was!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Choose a Side to Be On

About a week ago I came to a realization. It is in regards to the fabulous 1960's/1970's designers Mary Quant, Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin, and Barbara Hulanicki. Yes, I adore the designs that all these fabulous ladies created, and always have since they first came to my discovery. But who is my favourite? I am still deciding.

Mary Quant and 'Bazaar'

Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin and 'Foale and Tuffin'

Barbara Hulanicki and 'BIBA'

So dollies. This makes me wonder who is your favourite?
And for what reason?

One the sidebar of my blog, right at the top, I have added a poll. I would love for you to take it. All it requires is a click of a button next to which designer you prefer best. And if you would like, do feel free to message me or comment telling me who you voted for, and why? I would very much love to hear. I hope to feature some of your answers in a future post regarding the winning designer of the poll.

The poll closes on the 7th of June at 12:00pm UTC +10:00 time.
Thus, click away!

Perhaps it will help me decide who I prefer best!

Title: From "The Black Angel's Death Song" - The Velvet Underground

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Every Little Thing - The Stories Behind the Songs of The Beatles Project

Some years ago I purchased Steve Turner's book, "The Beatles: The Stories Behind the Songs", and let me tell you it is just brilliant. It is an archive listing each and every recorded and released Beatles song and, in as much detail as possible, describes how they came into this world as musical masterpieces to be remembered and valued always. 

As a solid Beatles fan, I am beginning a project in which I will dedicate a post to each and every one of these Beatles songs and the unique and precious stories that they have behind them with assistance from this book as well as other sources.  From "Please Please Me" to "Abbey Road", I will do so in chronological order of each album and include songs that were not released on albums separately according to the year that they were released.

I know that this is a mammoth task, and will possibly continue into next year, but it is something that I would like to do, and I know if you are a Beatles fan like me, you will appreciate these stories just as much as I do.
And no this does not mean that all my posts will be consumed by the likes of John, Paul, George and Ringo. I will still maintain my usually posts of all things that Lucy likes.

And so it begins!

First on the list we have The Beatles' 1963 debut album, "Please Please Me".

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dolly in a Box

I've always loved this photo shoot of Marianne Faithfull. Doesn't she look like such a dolly?
Which is your favourite?

Images: (1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Join the march of The Carnabetian Army!

Over the past few days I have decided to join Vintage Search. It is almost like an online search engine for vintage related blogs and online stores. There is also a display of the top vintage blogs listed that is quite good to have a look through. You can do so by clicking the logo on my sidebar that reads "Top Vintage Blog - Vintage Search".

I have also joined Bloglovin' too. So do feel free to join the march of The Carnabetian Army and follow me!

In other news, I finally got to bring the rest of my LPs over to our unit to store in our fab new bookcase. And of course the first one I put on, as I spent time organizing them into artist and release date, was "Sticky Fingers". "Brown Sugar" was played so  loud that I must have been quite a disturbance to my neighbours. We did a massive clean out of the unit today and we are almost finished organizing the bookcase. So pictures should be on their way soon!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Red, Red, Red Step by Step

I've been very busy indeed these past two weeks. I have now finished University for this semester, which means I am constantly on my laptop trying to write an array of reports and essays. Thankfully I only have one Assignment left, and one exam. I finished one last night so I am taking today off as a break and an opportunity to finally make a post. Step by step, I am getting there!

Now I know that it is a little stretched (I can't seem to work out this new laptop) but this is the new book case that my partner and I recently bought. He spent this morning putting it together and it is perfect! I'd been wanting a bookcase for a while and my partner searched high and low and found this for me. I was quite reluctant to buy it at first as I thought the red would not look so good against our red walls. I also thought it would take up too much space, but the boy being the space genius that he is managed to fit it in perfectly, and now I am more than happy with it. As you can see it is beyond perfect for storing records. For the past six months I have been only able to listen to a short selection of 15 records out of my over 100 collection (so far). I cannot wait to bring the rest of my collection over from my parents house to store here at last! I also think it has a little bit of a 60's feel to it. What do you think?

When I think of it, there is so much red in my house. Red walls. Red carpet. Red bookcase. Red tea towels. Red plates. And of course red toenails. I've never been the biggest fan of the colour, but it is really beginning to grow on me. Anyway, I shall definitely update you with another post once we get it filled up and looking even more fabulous.

And here is a fabulous picture of Marianne that my red walls and red bookcase seem to make me think of. In future posts you are probably going to see me making outfit posts in front of all this red in attempt to achieve a look almost like this dolly bird here.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Seeing Double

 I noticed this quite some time ago. 
Two dolly birds that have opted for the same dress, designed by Mary Quant.

British singer Cilla Black

Nicole De La Marge and Agneta Darin

Who do you think wore it better?
Miss Black or Miss Darin?

Images: (1. 2.)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Beatle Birds at Battersea

In March 1964, a special edition magazine titled "Beatles Make A Movie" was published in order to promote the release of The Bealtes' first film "A Hard Day's Night". Included within the magazine was an article about the three girls who were given a chance to make an appearance in the film with their four Liverpudlian idols. These girls were Pattie Boyd, Isla Blair and Pure Bury. Accompanying the article was a series of photographs taken of the delighted dolly-birds at the Battersea Fun Fair. 

Isla Blair, Prue Bury and Pattie Boyd

I would have absolutely loved to have spent the day with these three fab girls. It looks like it would have been a really fun photo shoot to do. 

If you are a Pattie fan like me, then I am quite certain that you would have seen the following images before. These were taken the same day by photographer Michael Ward.

And lastly a beautiful colour image.

Pattie looks stunning here. When I at last find a similar dress to what she wore during this photo shoot I am hoping to do my own replicating these photos.

On a different note, what do you think of this picture of Jane Birkin? 
Quite similar to this shoot of Pattie. Knee high socks, kitten heels and a park bench?

Images: (1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's New Pussy Cat?

Yesterday the boy and I visited our favourite pancake restaurant again. It was very cold and we went during the late afternoon as the sun was setting, our favourite time of day. This time I had strawberries and cream pancakes. They were divine!

I didn't get to take a picture of my outfit. I wish you could have seen it. It consisted of this black shift dress with white collar that I am wearing, my vintage white purse and vintage 1960's white shoes with bows on them. I wanted to wear my white gloves but I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of the purple blotches that are staining them.

Any one have any ideas?

Also, there is a new member of our little family in our little unit.

For some nights now a stray kitten has been coming to our back door. She climbed up our window in the middle of the night. And at first I thought that she was a criminal trying to break in! But after the boy got up and went to investigate he found that it was a tiny little, oddly coloured kitten; her coat being a mix of ginger, red and what almost looks like purple. She has been visiting us for hours on end each night, taking naps on our coach, kneading her claws on our bed and getting stuck in between the blinds as a result of her kittenly curiosity. We have decided to call her Ruby, as when we said this name whilst browsing through many she peeped her head around the corner and looked at us with responding eyes.

We hope that she decides to stay with us!