Monday, October 27, 2014

Look Through My Window

The walls are bare at the moment, and the sun looked so pretty shining through the window in the spare bedroom. So I thought I'd revel in the opportunity of such good lighting to take some snaps one of my favourite dresses at the moment. It is from the brand Revival, by Dangerfield, which incorporates a lot of vintage inspired elements in its designs. You can view the dress here. It makes me think of something that Marianne Faithfull or Sylvie Vartan would have worn in the 1960's. Yet, upon wearing it in front of the boy for the first time he could not help but call me "Madeline". Who am I kidding though, the dress is called "Croissants for Breakfast" after all! Wearing the dress I had a lot of fun prancing about and making my best attempt to channel my inner 1960's wannabe model. The boy's cat, who happened to be in the room at the time and even got cuddled in a couple of snaps, was quite confused to say the least. I imagine that it must have been quite an odd sight for her to see!

Showing my face so clearly on my blog isn't something that I've done much of in the past. In my pictures I'm usually always looking down or off to the side. I wouldn't call myself photogenic, and when having my picture taken by others I can't help but feel shy or embarrassed. However, I'm beginning to become more comfortable in my own skin and have been feeling lately that perhaps it is time for a change, and that I should allow myself the freedom of having confidence in myself and enjoying the experience of what taking pictures can be.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bubble, Bubble

Lush products are something that I've only really started exploring just recently. The main reason for this is that until now, I didn't have a bath tub. Having one available at the boy and I's current living arrangements has been quite lovely, and given me an excuse to purchase and try out lots of Lush goodies, amongst other bath time products, that I've been wanting to for years. I've been spoiling myself with bath bombs and bubble baths and why shouldn't I? I am on holidays after all! So I thought I'd share my favourite bath combination when I'm wanting to unwind after a long day or just spoil myself when I'm feeling a little down in the dumps. 

Favourite   Bath   Combination

Rose Jam Bubbleroon - I've been advised before that a quarter of this product is enough to create a substantial amount of bubbles. But personally I crumble the whole thing into the bath. Bubbles through drain pipes aren't a problem as I wait until all the bubbles have gone before pulling the plug. It has such a sweet rose scent and makes the water feel so silky. It also contains oils which are good for the skin, helping to leave it smooth and soft. 

Rose Queen Bath Bomb - Some girls like to cut these in half to get more use out of them but again, like the Bubbleroon, I like to spoil myself and chuck the whole thing in. After all, it's one of the smaller bath bombs available. Once it reacts with the water, it disintegrates into a bright pink rose-scented fizz, letting out twirling fragments of hibiscus and lavender flower petals into the water.

Rock Star Soap -  Bright pink like a boiled sweet, it is said that this soap is supposed to have a creamy vanilla scent. I don't know if it's just me, but I instead smell sweet, fizzy sherbet. Howzat!? It smells so good that I could almost eat it and it makes gorgeous pink frothy suds, leaving your skin smelling just lovely. 

What are your favourite bath time products?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Watching the Skirt

'Granny' skirts are something that I wear a lot of. I can't resist a high-waisted skirt that goes down to my knees with zip and button at the back and is made out of that awful thick, fuzzy material that itches when the weather is too hot. They are just my cup of tea. Here I am wearing one of the latest ones I picked up as mentioned here. It is bright orange with a purple criss-cross pattern - what a skirt! I wore it with a pale pink peter pan collared blouse, vintage bag and my beloved vintage Ferragamo shoes, which meant I was constantly looking down at my feet to admire them all day. Does anyone else do that when they wear that one perfect pair of shoes?

Quite contrary to what some may think, wearing 'granny' skirts actually makes me feel quite youthful. Whenever I wear them I feel like I should have my arms wrapped around a pile of text books, walking through long locker lined corridors with the sound of a bell chiming in the distance. I can't help but feel like a 1960's school girl about to leave for the bus ride home. Think Lucy from "Across the Universe" (if you've seen it) here. It's such a cute little scene I think. Though the high school I attended had a strict uniform code, I always imagined that this is how I would have dressed if we had had a choice, granny skirts and all. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

27 Dresses

I thought I'd share a little sneak peek at some of the vintage dresses that I've recently added to my collection, all of which are from the 1960's. The yellow one is Crimplene and was found sitting on a rack just moments before leaving the store it was in. I've been calling it the 'diner's dress', as all it makes me think of are pink diner stools and blueberry pie. The middle one I've nicknamed the 'Blue Hawaii' dress and the black one, a midi length dress, is intended to be cut and hemmed into a mini. I'm very pleased with these latest additions. The fact that they were all under $10 is an added bonus! You can see more of my vintage dress collection here, which now reaches 27!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

Not long ago, the lovely Erin from Spreepark nominated me for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. 

Thanks, Erin!

The Rules: 

1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. 
2. You must list the rules and display the award. 
3. You must add seven facts about yourself. 
4. You must nominate fifteen other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.
5. You must display the award logo and follower the blogger who nominated you. 

Seven Facts About Me:

1. I am a real 'fraidy-cat'. Though I love spooky movies and eerie things I cannot deal well with gore. 
2. I'm not a real party kind of gal. The 'clubbing' scene does not interest me, but take me back to the clubs of 1967 and I would gladly dance the night away. 
3. My nails are in a constant battle of staying short vs. growing long. These are the trials and tribulations of a guitar player who just can't stand long nails along the fret board, yet still wants them to be long enough to be deemed worthy for nail polish. 
4. I come from a large family. I'm a middle child. 
5. Back in high school I was the only student who wanted to do three science units for my final two years. However, I was not allowed to do so due to clashes between their places in my timetable. 
6. I was once signed up with an film agency but decided to leave after being given an audition for a role that I was not comfortable with nor agreed with.   
7. I love evening ferry rides through the city. 

Bloggers I Nominate: 

Mia from 60ies Love
Sophie from Cellar of Dreams
Jaime from Hard Crimson
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Faye from Oh! Darling
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Please do check them out!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina

I am not a big hat wearer. Really, this is quite silly considering how many hats I have boxed up layer upon layer in my closet. If it weren't for how small the above hat is, this I believe would change almost, if not, immediately. 

I hadn't had any luck for a few weeks in my searches for vintage goodies, nor do I have many vintage hats, so I was very excited to come across this beautiful bright green, velvety, vintage hat complete with decorative ribbon and gold buttons. Upon seeing it I scooped it up quickly and eagerly hurried to the change rooms to see how it looked in the mirror. My face turned from a smile into a frown as I realized that my head was too big for it. Determined, I must have stood in the mirror for about five minutes trying to place the hat perfectly on my head, hoping that with every twist and turn the hat would somehow magically fit. In the end I decided it was too pretty to leave behind. So I bought it home with me. It is now sitting on top of my lampshade looking beautiful. I think my family disagree though (and you might too). They thought it looked like something a leprechaun might wear! 

As mentioned here, hats are something that I've been wanting to wear more of lately, especially as the warmer weather is approaching. So I've shared here some lovely hat-wearing 1960's ladies who have been inspiring me.

What's something that you've been wanting to wear more of lately?

And how cute are those vintage daisy clip-on earrings that I found the other week?!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Thursday, October 2, 2014

When are you free to take some tea with me?

There is no doubt that I am an avid tea drinker. Each time the boy and I have an outing we will usually come home with yet another new flavour of tea to try. You will never catch me with a hot cup of coffee. I just can't drink the stuff. So I was overjoyed to come across this happy yellow teapot with matching cups and saucers the other day whilst out with the boy. I 'ummed' and 'ahhed' at it for about fifteen minutes, not sure whether to buy it or not. I already have quite a nice little collection of teapots and I certainly wasn't in need of any more. But it was on sale! Finally the boy said "It kind of reminds me of the Yellow Submarine". 

Ka-ching went the cash register. 

I am very easily swayed when it comes to anything Beatles related, or even reminiscent of the fab four in the absolute slightest for that fact, hence the new teapot. Now perhaps all I need is this neato knick-knack for days when I'm just up for a single cup. Isn't it just swell? There's one added to my Christmas wish list. Fingers crossed!

Title: "Lovely Rita" - The Beatles. Yes I know it's not from the film, but I still thought it was appropriate!