Friday, September 26, 2014

Pink Lemonade

Yesterday was my mother's birthday. She was showered with gifts, flowers and cake and we all went out to have a celebratory lunch with her. It was just lovely and we were joined by my sister and her fiance who had traveled up here for the occasion. I wore a new coral coloured dress that I picked up just last week, with my retro swing coat, and a vintage bag and pair of shoes. Though it was a rainy day, I felt very 1960's 'Miami Beach' in my outfit, and caught myself dreaming of palm tree studded scenery, blushing flamingos and warm, hazy mid-days with pink lemonade (something I just can't seem to get enough of lately). While the rest of the world says goodbye to their summer season and welcomes colder weather, here I am spending my days sitting by the pool with a good book, packing the winter blankets back into the closets and listening to the sound of chirping cicadas as the sun sets. 

What's something you've been dreaming of lately?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Recent Beauty Buys

I thought I'd share the latest things that I've added to my beauty collection. 

Maybelline Baby Lips Colour: The other night I had a moment of frustration when doing my makeup. As you may know, I wear my makeup like some of the styles prevalent during the 1960's - white shadow, large cat flicks and thick lashes. To compensate for this dramatic look the dolly-birds back in then would go easy on the cheeks and lips, opting for pale lipsticks and sheer slicks of frosted gloss. Usually I settle for just a tad of moisturizer to plump up my lips and darken them just a little to create this look, but to be quite frank, sometimes it just makes me feel like my face is a half-finished canvas. I'm not too big on wearing lipstick either. Other than red, I feel like nothing seems 'right'. So I picked up these tinted lip balms and so far so good! Nowhere near as overpowering as lipstick, and just subtle enough to give your lips a hint of colour, I think they are an okay solution to my frustrations. They are also a pretty decent mosturizer too. I picked two up, in Lolita Pink and Berry Crush, simply because I'm indecisive and couldn't choose!

LUSH Herbalism Fresh Facial Cleanser: To be perfectly honest, I don't have perfect skin. I've tried many different products over the years but I've come to realize that like many the more products that I put on my skin, the more troubled it becomes. So I decided to cut down on these and just try and stick to one thing to cleanse my face with. This cleanser is made from all natural ingredients and can also be used as a face mask. It leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and dewey and has helped clear it up a lot. I'll definitely be buying another pot of this once it runs out!

Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream SPF 25: I bought this product as a little bit of a try-out. I felt I needed something to protect my face whilst walking in the hot sun to University each day. It's pretty good and I'm quite pleased with it. It does do the job of protecting my skin and it does leave my skin with a healthy looking glow, but the palest colour on offer, 'Light', was still not quite pale enough to match my complexion. Though I'm not complaining, powder can fix that. It's also pretty easy and quick to apply which is great when I'm in a hurry as my usual mousse face makeup requires a lot more concentration. 

What are the latest products that you've tried out?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Outfit Post of the Season

And so my holidays have finally begun, at last! I've been making the most of my time so far, lounging about in my pajamas, finally beginning to read a book and doing some cleaning out of my chock-a-block wardrobes.

The other day I wore one of the latest additions to my mass of clothes: a bright green polo shirt. It's not vintage or anything, but the colour is the most perfect green I've ever seen, and oh so 60's feeling. I wish the lighting in my room wasn't so bad so you could get a more accurate image. I always feel that the outfits photos I post on this blog never really do the clothing items much justice (thanks for putting up with them all!). Anyhoo, I wore it with a houndstooth scarf tucked in and was inspired by our Twig the Wonder Kid of course, in a shot from one of her Twiggy Dresses promotional shoots.

Hmm. Perhaps I should have worn my white tights. Then my outfit would have been even more Twiggy-esque.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Print Passion

Just a very quick little post. I bought a sweet little swimsuit not too long ago as down in my part of the world things are warming up and soon it'll be time for days spent at the beach. The print is what sold me. I'm completely in love with it. It gives me a real 60's feel and anyone that knows me well knows that I love anything orange! I wouldn't at all mind a mini dress in a print just like this, or perhaps even bed sheets. A little too far? Never!

If you are like me and also love the eye candy that is vintage and vintage inspired prints, check out this page here as well as my board for them on Pinterest. If you do, I'd love to know your favourites!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Long Awaited Break

At last, I've completed University for this year. Well, technically I still have one last assignment to submit, but today was my last official class. Though I love my studies and dedicate a lot of hard work to them, I am very relieved to at last have an extended break. This time last year I didn't really feel that I had any time to relax. Though my semester had ended, I was in the middle of a stressful move, having to say goodbye to my adopted furry kitten, contemplating where to store a houseful of wares and belongings, and participating in my first full time practicum as well as other things. It seemed all too soon that the next load of study came along. But this year, I am going to make an effort to enjoy my time off, make the most of it and just relax! So here is a little list that I've been mentally compiling of just some of the things so far that I want to do.

This Break:

- Begin a new art journal, adding a new element each day.
- Do some watercolor paintings. 
- Start drinking more green tea. 
- Continue knocking those little things off my Bucket List.
- Begin taking vintage hunting trips up north again.
- Learn some more songs on guitar. 
- Read a book or two. 
- Finally upgrade my phone. 
- Pick up photography again.
- Swim at the beach more.
- Start wearing more hats.
- Go for bike rides.
- Take a trip somewhere.
- Declutter! 
- Reorganize my living space.
- Properly categorize my record collection. 
- Start making more outfit posts.
- Be easier on myself.