Saturday, July 26, 2014

Versatile Blogger award

Some time ago Sarah, from Lostvestige, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award - thanks Sarah! 
You should definitely check out her blog if you haven't already! Being nominated for this award requires you to present seven facts about yourself, and then in turn nominate a new handful of bloggers. 

Things you may not know about me:

1. I dance. A lot. And in times in which one would not usually dance, such as waiting for the traffic lights to change, standing in line waiting to be served at a shop or having a chat with a friend.  

2. I can change from giggly and gertie to stern and solemn in seconds if the situation requires it. 

3. My cooking has improved A LOT since I've started this blog, something I never believed would happen!

4. Though I am truly in love with my favourite past era, I love video games. My weakness is The Legend of Zelda series. 

5. My hair has never been touched by a colouring product. 

6. A little quirky to some, but I collect business cards from anywhere that I've been to. Looking back at them is almost like reading a little story book of things I've experienced. It's gotten to the point where the boy automatically knows to pick one up if we go or stay somewhere new. 

7. If I had to choose the one song that changed my life it would be "Magical Mystery Tour". Hearing that song again for the first time since my childhood about 10 years ago completely turned my world upside-down and re-sparked my undying love for the fab four. 

And now for the nominees!

Jaime from Hard Crimson

Tessie Jayne from Socks With Sandals

Rosie from Bazaar Dandelion

Sarah from Style Sixties

Thanks again, Sarah!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dig It: Charles Jourdan

Just another quick Dig It post. How could one not love these shoes? If there was one pair of shoes to represent the fabulous decade that was the 1960's, I'd pick these. Designed in 1965 by the French fashion designer, Charles Jourdan, the patent leather shoes came in four colours. These were green, yellow, pink and red, as seen in this photograph taken by Guy Bourdin for an article in Vogue, 1967. I can picture myself wearing the green pair with (of course) green tights and a beautiful green 1960's romper with a high collar. I can imagine the red shoes being paired with a mod red a-line skirt and a white polo neck sweater. I could sit for an hour just dreaming of the many ways I'd want to wear these beauties.

How would you wear them?

You can see another imagine of the shoes in yellow here on the Metropolitan Museum of Art's website. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Skittles Legs At Last

The other day was so chilly it called for tights, at last! Out of my skittles-rainbow collection I opted for mustard coloured tights to go with this dress of mine. Perhaps I should have picked something a little more flamboyant though as a few people at University said that the colour of my legs had 'tripped' them out momentarily until they realized that I was actually wearing tights! I am also wearing a 'new' vintage bag that I bought whilst down in Bathurst (something else I had to somehow stuff inside carry-on luggage for the plane trip home along with all these). 

Because my studies have recommenced, unfortunately I haven't had many opportunities to go out hunting for vintage treasures. I did though the other day spend the afternoon having a snoop in some of the local antique stores and charity shops. I found this black vintage bag for $5.00. Call me a complete cheapskate, but I will always try and refrain from buying a vintage bag unless it is below this price. I do have reason for it though. I have a lot of vintage bags, and plenty more than I've ever shared on this blog. For me, sticking to such a strict limit prevents me from bringing home hoards and hoards of vintage bags and purses, and makes the buying process a lot more selective. It also helps me stick to a controlled budget, especially since vintage handbags are quite prevalent in my local area.

You most probably cannot see it but the bag pictured has beautiful woven detailing upon it. The handle is very soft and very comfortable, yet sturdy, and as I tend to carry my handbags at my elbow this ticks all the boxes for me! I also purchased this beautiful vintage suede coat that reminds of something that Brian Jones would have worn for only $5.00 as well, and two 45's. David Bowie's "Drive In Saturday" single and an EP by The Who. You can see more of my record collection here.

Do you set yourself any 'rules' while out hunting for vintage?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Ponytail Problem

Just another outfit post. Would you believe that it is winter time over here? I probably look like I'm dressed to go out for a summer stroll along a boardwalk, ha! Don't worry it's not that hot here in Oz, the day still calls for a cardigan and occasionally tights. I bought this beautiful minty coloured skirt the other day from a charity store for only $1.00, would you believe it? The fabric feels so lovely and it is a perfect fit. I've decided to call it 'Audrey' as it reminds me of something she wore in "Roman Holiday". I've got a lot of outfits planned for this one. 

What you may have also noticed is that I actually have my hair up in a ponytail! A blue moon occurrence and I bet you've never seen it before. Way back when I was in high school I would wear my hair in a simple ponytail everyday. Every. Single. Day. I was a late riser and I didn't have the time or bother to model exotic styles and whatnot to school. I saved all the effort for the weekends and holidays when I'd dress up in my crazy 1960's costumery. Anyway, because of this hair monotony I would get teased by some of the other girls that put their time into doing their hair and makeup (something I also didn't wear in high school). I didn't think it impacted me much then, but when I think about it for the past few years since leaving school I've refrained from wearing my hair up. I know it's ridiculous, but in the back of my mind I always have that small thought that I look silly, or boring, or plain, or just 'same old Lucy'. 

I'm slowly getting over it though! On a much brighter note (apologies for my earlier pessimism!), I've been digging the red lippy lately, and have been wearing it to University almost everyday. It's funny, it's always this time of year too that I begin wearing it. Must be an unconscious winter thing. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vintage Maya

Since moving back from our old place I've realized how bland it was there. Yes, we had those beautiful pop-art-feely red walls, but the boy and I never really decorated. We didn't have anything hanging on the walls. No cushions on the couch. It was all very plain. So I've recently been pining over creative home decor, inspired by the vintage that I know and love, with statement patterns and colour palettes that can liven up our next place together and overall make it feel like a 'home' rather than just a place of residence. And so, I was very pleased to come across Vintage Maya. 

Vintage Maya is an online boutique that sells a large variety of vintage inspired product, from home decor to fashion items, with a bit of a modern flare to them. Each product is selected with care from artisans and independent designers from around the globe. This coincides with the website's philosophy of beauty, love and artistry and that "everything we choose is an extension of ourselves to express who we are and who we want to be"; something that I am quite passionate about and feel is necessary when building a home or place for yourself. 

These pillow covers are just new on the website. I can imagine that some of you may think that I am strictly into the 'mod' scene of the 1960's, but that is not the case. I am also inspired and infatuated by the richness of designs that came into play around the late 1960's; exotic patterns, fabrics and colour palettes from places like Morocco and India and also the Art Nouveau movement. And I must say that these covers remind me exactly of that, even though the designs from these have actually been inspired by the architectural beauty that is Palazzo and via Mazzini in Turin and mother nature's delicate sakura and magnolia flowers. I think these would be perfect to brighten up the next home we find, and the calm cool colours would also be a nice change from our old aggressive red walls.

I've also had my eye on the lookout for quilt (or duvet) covers. We used to just have a big blanket covering our bed, so next time around we want something a tad bit more luxurious than that! Vintage Maya also stock quilt covers and bedding sets, so they have also been serving me for some lovely bedding inspiration! It's not often that I come across bed sets that I really like (hence the old blanket), but I must say that I do like the simplicity of the Nordic Gray and White set and the Francia White Mint set.

Do check out their website. Though what I've displayed here may not quite be your taste there is plenty more variety to choose from or have a squizz at. There really is something for everyone and I can imagine some of the products would make great gifts. I myself may have already picked out some presents from some of my family members!

*This has been a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.