Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Game That Makes Every Girl, Like Twiggy, The Queen Of Mod

In the 1960's, for a teen sensation as big as Twiggy it was almost necessary that a board game based on her and her stardom be created.
Released in the US in 1967 by American gaming company Milton Bradley, it gave all young girls the chance to be just like their teen idol for the day. It was "A Game That Makes Every Girl, Like Twiggy, The Queen of Mod".

Recommended for ages 8 to adult, according to the instructions printed on the inner side of the box, it was a roll-and-move game that required 2 to 4 players. Players rolled the die and worked their way around the vibrantly decorated board with their playing pieces, four of which the game came with. Each was a different Twiggy graphic printed onto a sheet of cardboard to be punched out and slotted into a plastic stand of either green, red, blue or yellow.

Each playing space upon the board described things that might have occurred in the every day life of any girl like Twiggy, and also included specific directions that affected the game play. Players could pick up from a pile of 48 cards by landing on spaces reading things like "Hollywood Screen Test", "Model A New Outfit" and "Have Fun At the Discotheque", whilst players could lose cards or miss a turn by landing on spaces like "Stop Biting Your Nails", "Caught in the Rain", and "Missed the Jet to New York".
The aim of the game was to collect as many cards as possible, and recreate the Twiggy picture in the middle of the board with cards corresponding to the colour of your chosen playing piece. The player with the most cards and to do so first was crowned the winner, or "The Queen of Mod".
Altogether the estimated playing time was approximately 45 minutes, and the box measured 19 x 9.5 inches.

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  1. Love it..even though i've lost the bid on it every single time that it's come up for sale on far !

    1. Dang, how frustrating! I'll cross my fingers for you next time!

    2. Hi Lucy!

      As much as I am fan of Twiggy, I have the Aussie version of this board game that I bought in a vintage shop in Melbourne a few years back for a mere $55. It was released by John Sands. I would love to try and find a Milton Bradley version too!

    3. Hi there!
      Wow, how brilliant to have your own Australian copy. You are very lucky and what a great price too!