Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sleeping on a Dandelion

Just a quick little post showing you my vintage 1960's bedsheets. We got them from the boy's mother, and gee whiz they are the comfiest sheets I've ever slept on (and the prettiest too!).

Don't worry. They do not look this dull in real life, but are bursting with colour! They look beautiful in the morning when the sun shines on them. It makes the room seem to tinge with shades of yellow and almost looks like the room has been captured within a vintage photograph.

I especially love them though, because they remind me of the vintage sheets that my Grandma would always sleep in when she stayed with my family. I remember waking up early in the mornings as a little girl and running in to visit her when she woke up in bed.
God bless, Grandma.

Title: From "Flaming" - Pink Floyd


  1. Hello, Lucy! These vintage bed sheets have a lovely design and clearly you have become "anchored" to them. They evoke happy memories of your Grandma, cast a pleasant hue upon the room and make you feel comfortable and secure while sleeping. Your happiness is mine, dear friend. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. What pretty sheets, I'd be tempted to chop them up and make a 1960s style mini dress! x

  3. Flaming is on of my favorite Pink Floyd songs and has the best lyrics for random quoting! My favorite is 'Watching buttercups cup the light' and 'Traveling by telephone'
    Great sheets as well! I hate it when i see people cut up their vintage sheets to make dresses and so on. I have a few 70s sheets and i cant bare to cut them up!

  4. Such a lovely bedding! I want to get some nice ones myself, now that we are finally moving I need all sorts of house stuff. Even a bed! xxx

  5. Thank you everyone, I'm glad that you like them!

  6. Ahhhh so lovely! You must dream the sweetest dreams on these :3