Monday, June 17, 2013

Camel Coloured Shoes and Bag

Just a quick little outfit post (though there's nothing special about this one - was in a hurry!). 

Yesterday the boy and I went out for the day. We did many things, among them seeing a movie, visiting the lighthouse lookout and taking the memorial walk along it, walking along the path and rock pier that my father used to take me and my family to as a little girl and finding my name that I had carved on a rock almost ten years ago, and ordering takeaway pizza and gelati for tea to eat whilst having a Harry Potter movie marathon. It was quite the day and I had a great time.


- Mini dress that I bought about five years ago
(I'm surprised it still fits to be honest)
- Camel coloured vintage handbag
- Camel coloured vintage style shoes
- Pink pearl bracelet

I'm really digging this colour. I have matching coloured vintage gloves and a black three quarter sleeved coat with matching coloured polka-dots (as shown here). It comes with a cute matching belt too. I feel quite BIBA-esque when wearing it. But I felt it was too hot at the time to bring them with me. I regretted this later on - the wind was blowing that evening!

These shoes are among the most comfortable I've ever worn.
They are kitten heels and the biggest size 6 that I'd think possible.

In other news it is time to cut my fringe again. I'm a little uncertain about doing so as I have taken a liking to styling it into earlier styles preceding the 60's. But I do miss my 60's look. Hmm choices, choices.


  1. Hi, Lucy! I have a favorite memory of exploring the area around a lighthouse on the New Jersey coastline. How exciting to find your name carved in rock ten years later! I think you look adorable in this outfit and I encourage you to enjoy dabbling in the fashions and hairstyles of various time periods. Fun is the name of the game and there really is no such thing as right or wrong. I hope your week is off to a great start, dear Lucy! (Hello to Cat, also!)

    1. Thanks very much, that's lovely to hear that others think I should keep delving into other periods of vintage fashion. You have a fab week too!

  2. Very cute dress! I like the sweet little bow and sleeves. I wish it was warm enough here to go out without tights!
    I've just a bought a pair of patent black kitten heels which I can wear all day even while walking to the train station without hurting a bit! I think Kitten heels are probably the most natural height legs should go considering all the problems that come with those sky high heels!
    If I could have a blunt fringe I would - but I have a cowlick on the front so it always pops up. You could grow out your fringe and do a side sweep when you want 60s hair - leaving it long for when you need to do victory rolls or whatever!

    1. Oh thank you! Yes, kitten heels are definitely the most comfortable of heels I think. And they're the safest too being the easiest to run in if you ever need to! I'd be ruined if I was ever in a rush wearing sky high heels!
      I have a bit of a cowlick too - I used to try cover it up by cutting more hair into my fringe to make it really think to try and hold it down in place. Thanks for you opinion, I really am in a kerfuffle with it at the moment, and that is a great idea.

  3. I adore soft camel and beige tones, so this outfit is rocking it for me!!!
    Such a heavenly handbag and that COAT!!! SQUEE!

  4. that is really a great color for you!!! i looove that dress and gosh that coat is perfection, the sleeves and polka dots, it could´t be any more beautiful i think;)
    i hope you have a wonderful week!
    love and kiss,mary

  5. Cute outfit! Hope you have a lovely week x