Thursday, November 14, 2013

Royal Red Roses

This Saturday the boy and I are staying at one of the resorts up north. We received an overnight package as a present some time ago and after many months of having it sitting in the draw we decided to at last book. I was wanting something fancy to wear to dinner on the night so I thought I'd visit one of my local dress shops. Whilst there I found a halter neck rose print dress with a full circle skirt by Hell Bunny that caught my eye about six months ago but I never bothered to try it on. Having a closer look I fell absolutely in love with it. However they did not have my size in stock and wouldn't until after Saturday, and it being quite expensive I thought to leave it. Just as I was about to walk out a box of stock arrived in the store and inside by chance was the dress in my size, still in its package and completely untouched. I took it as a sign and snatched it up. You can buy the same dress online here.

What I shall be wearing on the night. Red lipstick is a must.

Until next week!


  1. What an amazing bit of luck, Lucy! I agree that the fortuitous arrival of that fresh, untouched dress you wanted was a sign and you were right to follow your shopping instincts and buy it on the spot. If you would have left if behind in the shop it would surely have been pawed, tried on a dozen times or purchased by the time you returned. Now that lovely dress is safely yours to wear on all those special occasions.

    Good night to you, dear friend Lucy, and have a great Friday and a super weekend!

  2. It was meant to be yours! My friend sells these and they are great quality. Have a fab trip! x

  3. Oh my! wont you be looking lovely! i never get to have much luck in shops with these sorts of things, i hope it fits you perfectly!

  4. I am SO excited to see photos of you in that dress! I've also had my eye on it too but didn't let myself get it since I already have too much white + roses combinations in my wardrobe :P

  5. oooh you will look soooo beautiful in this dream dress! me too i can´t wait to see you in it! we want photos;) hell bunny have so cute dresses!
    love and kiss,mary