Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Little Gift from the Heavens

Today whilst walking home from a day out I decided that I'd visit one of my local charity shops that I had not been to for a while. Usually, the section in which they keep the records is closed off, but today it wasn't, so I decided to have a little look.
And whilst flipping through the many piles of them, I found this hiding between two records:

And if you are not too well acquainted with The Beatles, this is what it belongs to:

Yes, the psychedelic inner sleeve of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". I literally cursed aloud when I saw it. It was even more so odd that it was here as there are literally no Beatles records, or anything Beatles related really, in my area that haven't been swiped up already by collectors to be resold, or myself for that matter, let alone originals.

Designed by "The Fool", it was the first inner sleeve in history to feature a design upon it, and would only ever be released with the first original British pressing of the album in 1967. Followers of the 'Paul Is Dead' conspiracy believe that the red liquid-like pattern was designed to reminisce the blood of Paul McCartney in a supposed accident that they believe to have happened in November 1966, causing his 'death'.
Written in the bottom corner of the sleeve in white text is "Made in Great Britain, Patents Applied For".

Of course, the sleeve is not in wonderful condition. It is quite torn, folded, creased and even has what looks to be green crayon scribbled on it. But nonetheless I am so grateful for this little gift from the heavens. I do already have a copy of the album on record, but not an original British pressing. So, to think that I was holding in my hands, and now own, something from that time and place is just marvelously brilliant. What was even better was that the gentleman at the store let me have it for free - having no clue what it was from, and giving me a rather odd look for me wanting to buy a sleeve but no record.

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