Friday, May 4, 2012

Red Dress - Red Shoes

Yesterday's Outfit:

- Red dress with blue floral print and bows on the waist
- Red Satin "Bettie" shoes by Pinup Couture
- Vintage white bag

A very simple outfit indeed. I didn't realize just how simple it was until I noticed that there were only three things that made up the outfit; something very unusual for me. But I love it!

So far May has been quite lovely. Trips to an empty beach skipping stones and climbing rocks, feeding the gulls on the most beautiful cliff-side looking out to the sea, trying my hand at skateboarding, watching hot chocolate spoil and buying popcorn and a choc-top from the cinemas, only to bring it home to watch a movie in bed. Yes, very lovely.

And tomorrow night shall only add to all this loveliness. I shall be seeing The Bootleg Beatles in concert and I am awfully excited. I bought a brand new teasing comb (my old one has mysteriously disappeared) just for the occasion! I am still yet to figure out what I shall wear. But I do know that it will be something that screams Beatlemania.

Can you believe the likeliness of these men to my boys? Baffling!
Though the gentleman who plays Paul does look a bit more like '65 George (without the mo' of course) than Mr. McCartney, don't you reckon?


  1. I love floral print on your dress and you shoes + bag, nice outfit :)
    Did you have fun at The Bootleg Beatles concert?

    1. Thank you :) Yes, I had the most wonderful time at the concert! I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a love of the Fab Four. I shall be making a post all about when I get some free time :)

  2. Oh those shoes are just to lovely for words. Red is my all time favorite color.

  3. oh my god that dress is just adorable darling!!!! i love the colour and print! and the shoes...i want them too!
    love and kiss,mary