Saturday, August 10, 2013

Black Velvet Bird: Long Cool Woman in A Black Dress

Yesterday morning in class we actually did yoga, believe it or not. And it was fantastic.

I had done yoga before in groups years ago when I was back in school but I am prone to giggling and thus I could not take it seriously. That is not to say though that one or too giggles didn't slip out yesterday. The instructor taught us a variety of breathing techniques and strategies that were effective against stress. I have never taken to using breathing techniques when stressed as they never work for me, so I was quite reluctant. But I was honestly amazed by the immediate relief these new strategies provided me with. Something I am definitely going to remember for a long time. Practicing the stretches and poses themselves also relieved a lot of stresses that I had been feeling. However, the concluding meditation was by far the most pleasant thing to experience. I had learnt to meditate many years ago through my own discovery, but undergoing guided meditation with people around you was very lovely to experience. I think they've hooked me in as I am actually now considered going to regular classes.

After class was over I did my rounds at the local second hand stores, and found something wonderful. I had actually seen this dress two weeks ago in one store but for some reason I didn't take much notice. This week I looked at it again and I realized just how incredible it was! A black velvet late 1960's vintage dress! It is in very good condition and the fabric is flawlessly soft. The only fault to be found is that the tag has been ripped off and the elastic under the bust is a little stretched - but no worries. This beautiful little dress is too pretty not to wear because of that, and it can easily be hidden by a belt or open vest. Could you believe that it was only $8.00?

And how funny. It is almost exactly like the purple dress from Huzzar Huzzar  in this post that I mentioned not long ago.

When purchasing the dress I also took this vintage scarf up to the counter. The gentleman was ever so kind to put it in with the dress for free. How lovely!

Title: "Long Cool Woman in A Black Dress" - The Hollies


  1. I've been telling myself to start yoga classes since last year and still haven't got to do it... I really want to, I'm just being lazy.
    Also amazing on the group meditation, I've never done it in a group but it's something I definitely want to try!
    And lovely dress, I'm glad you managed to find it for such a good price! I was supposed to go to a carboot sale today in hope to find something but I'm still recovering from the last two nights..! xxx

  2. That's a beautiful scarf! What a find!

  3. Hello, dear Lucy! I'm just now getting back into full time blogging following my hiatus. I returned this evening from a three day trip and am scrambling to catch up on my friends' latest posts including your last two.

    This black velvet dress is an incredible fashion find and I can hardly believe the modest price. The matching boots, your flawless alabaster complexion and the tomato soup wall backdrop make the ensemble pop. You look fabulous, dear friend!

    I got into yoga at an early age by watching Richard Hittleman's pioneering television series Yoga For Health. I believe wholeheartedly in the mental and physical health benefits of yoga and I encourage you to attend classes regularly.

    Happy Sunday to you, dear friend Lucy!

  4. What a great find! The elastic is really easy to replace, you usually just have to un-pick the casing and then hand sew in some new elastic.
    I haven't tried Yoga, but i did used to do Pilates when i was a student at the student gym and then stopped when i had to start full-time work. It would be nice to start yoga i think esp because this year has been especially stressful for me
    I love those boots too! xo

  5. I love the dress, what a great find! I used to go to yoga when I was at college and always found it very relaxing x

  6. Aha, beautiful black velvet dress. Love this color, black make me feel sexy. It should be suitable for my prom.