Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just Some of My Treasures

This morning I was waiting for the right moment to take my pin curls out (which didn't turn out, mind you) and I got a little bored. So I decided to take a few pictures of some of the things about my room.
Here is one of my closets. I store even more such as my scarves, belts and vintage bags on the inner side of the doors, not shown here. There's even more bags stacked up behind the clothing on top of that suitcase, which in itself contains even more things vintage like teacups, books, tea-towels and other odds and ends. I've got plenty more shoes than that too. *sigh*
Perhaps someday I'll take out and photograph each of my vintage pieces of clothing individually too.

Hot pink 1960's hot rollers. These were just lying about downstairs. I've no idea where they came from or who they belonged to, but they're mine now! My mother's hat box that I keep my berets and fisherman's caps in, a couple of vintage pocket mirrors and a couple of vintage purses, a beautiful burnt orange vintage address book shaped like a telephone (I can't remember where that came from either), some beads, and a vintage chocolate box. I was at a charity shop and I saw this beautiful box open and filled with magnets. I asked the elderly lady working there if I could purchase the box alone. Though she gave me a very funny look, she was kind enough to let me have it for free! I keep my vintage gloves in it now.

My little collection of vintage gloves. There is more underneath what is pictured. I've also pictured a little purse, my mother's pill box, a beaded Peter Pan collar, an atomizer and a vintage pocket mirror.

This is my vintage jewellery box. It was given to me by a very special family friend. I always used to look through this box and her collection of jewellery as a little girl and adored it. I'm so grateful that she passed it on to me. I've got plenty more jewellery than this too.
These clip-on daisy earrings are the latest addition to my jewellery collection. I was up the coast the other day and decided to get off at an antique store that I always pass, but have just never been in before as I'm not quick enough to press the button for the bus to stop on time. There were only $2.50, suited my ring, and just being perfectly beautiful sitting there in a glass case, so naturally I had to buy them. I also bought a vintage ladies wristwatch, black painted on gold with hand-painted flower details for $5.00. Perhaps I'll show that to you another time.
The pink striped earrings and the brown ring were passed on to me with the jewellery box.
This is still not all my earrings. I've got a stack of Edie Sedgwick looking ones too.

And here is what the walkway outside my room looks like. Beautiful, beautiful orange tiles. My house was built in the 1970's and still has many of its original trappings which I have always adored. Perhaps that is one of the things that influenced my life long love of the past.



  2. I LOVE looking at other people's wardrobes! I am such a clothes pervert. I love all the bright colours and bold prints in your things.