Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Trift Finds and 45s

Outfit for the day:

- Floral dress
- Soft brown waist belt
- Vintage burgundy heels
- Vintage burgundy bag
- Vintage ladies wristwatch
- Black tights

Today I had planned to take a trip down to a little country town south of where I live. There is a massive antique store there and I was excited to see what I'd find.
However I was late as I most always am, and missed the bus. There wouldn't be one for another hour, and it would be too late in the day once I got there if I decided to catch the next one, so I decided to just go into town and take a look through all the second hand stores. I hadn't done so in a very long time, so I thought this the perfect opportunity.
And I am so glad that I did miss that bus.

I picked up a bunch of goodies!

For a very long time now I've been desperately in want of a vintage black hand bag. I find black hand bags all the time in second hand stores, but never vintage ones.
Today I stepped into one of the tiny little second hand stores that doesn't stock much. I wasn't expecting to find anything as I never really do there, but lo and behold there it was: the most perfect black vintage hand bag I could ever ask for! It was exactly how I'd dreamed and in wonderful condition! I nearly flipped in my shoes! The lady at the counter kindly gave it to me for only $3.00.

I also took a step inside a store I've passed many, many times before but have just never gained the courage to go into. It is a music store in the corner of a basement in an outdoor shopping complex. I always felt unsure about it, as it is so dark down there. But today I was brave and took a chance. And my, it was wonderful in there!
Vintage guitars, amps, little antiques and records everywhere! Rickenbackers and Hoffners, banjos and mandolin/lute shaped guitars, they were all so beautiful. There was also a most beautiful 1960's pink vinyl Barbie suit-case. Had I more money on me I probably wouldn't have left without it.
The gentleman in the store was just lovely. I was dressed up in my 'costume' and he thought I was a tourist, as I look completely different to the average girl you'd find in a beach town like mine. We got talking about music and he was impressed by my taste.
Whilst there I found a nice little stack of 45s all for $20.00:

- Peter and Gordon: "A World Without Love"/"If I Were You"
- Peter and Gordon: "Lady Godiva"/"Morning's Calling"
- Wings: "Goodnight Tonight"/"Daytime Nighttime Suffering"
- The Searchers: "Goodbye My Love"/"'Till I Met You"
- The Kinks: "Lola"/"Berkeley Mews"
- Herman's Hermits: "No Milk Today"/"My Reservation's Been Confirmed"

When I brought them to the counter he admired my choices. He began to say who Peter Asher was the brother of, but I beat him too it. He was shocked! We then had a little talk about Peter Noone and Davy Jones. He told me he met him and got his photograph in our town in the 1980's. I told him how at the same time my mother met him at the beach whilst "Walking the Dog". He then tested me, and asked who covered that song and I answered the Stones of course! He said he couldn't trick me. Really it was so lovely to be able to talk to someone in real life so freely about the things I love. He then showed me some original tapes of the Stones from his collection. His father had given them to him in the 60's, as well as one of "Revolver". He wanted to get them down for me to have a closer look but they were hidden behind the guitars hanging up on the wall.
He even said that he'd look through his personal record collection for any doubles of his Beatles 45s to give to me. So kind! I'm so glad I went down there!

At another store I then found a pair of royal blue patent leather mary-janes, "The Unforgettable Glenn Miller" on LP, and a beautiful, beautiful vintage suit by Celia Ryan, and old Australian clothing line. I have another piece of the same label, so I was extra excited. It is in wonderful condition, and the fabric is just beautiful. The skirt fits me like a glove but unfortunately I can't fill out the blouse. I'm thinking perhaps to sell it, but I don't want to let go of it just yet!
I also bought two gorgeous strands of vintage beads.

And, to make the day even better, my pin curls that I've been practising finally turned out reasonably well! Oh happy day indeed!