Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Local Marketta Launch

On Saturday night my sister, brother and I went to the launch of a local Marketta that will be held weekly. It was jampacked with stalls promoting local food, art, music. You name it. The food was great. I tried German Kasespatzle for the first time, which was very delicious. But what I liked most about the evening event was the atmosphere. There were dining areas in small warehouses that comprised of old tables with wine lists written directly onto them, metal vintage chairs and stools that were all different and old coloured fairy lights and vintage chandeliers. Tables were lit by soft shaded lamps, wall length mirrors and illustrations of hot air balloons covered the walls and scattered around the place were vintage hotel receptionist desks. Definitely my kind of scene.

My sister took quite a lot of photos from the night as she was reporting the event for a University project. Hopefully I'll be able to snatch some off her and post them up here for you all to have a look. I certainly hope I'll be able to attend again, but this time tag my boyfriend along.

This is what I wore to the night, and looked quite odd amongst the crowds of families and young people. Not to mention, my oddness was only increased by the fact that I tripped over twice in the same place.


White baby doll mini dress.
1960's vintage white heels with bows
1960's vintage green scarf
Vintage white purse

I was inspired by Miss Marianne (as you can tell I take a lot of style inspiration from her) in the film "Anna" (1967) starring Anna Karina. Marianne is seen singing "Heir ou Demain", written by Serge Gainsbourg, and I think she just looked stunning. You can see her in the film here.


Finally! I have been reunited with the camera! 
Here are some of the pictures from the night.

I looked like a complete nut trying to take this picture. I ended up tripping over in the exact same spot twice. That lady in the picture knows what I'm talking about.

They took long enough!


  1. You look adorable! Scarves are something that can never go wrong and so is being inspired by Marianne! xxx

  2. I love this outfit, it really suits you. The pop of green looks great against the white dress and accessories x

  3. You are so much like Marianne and your make-up is exquisite. x

  4. great outfit, you look just like Marianne ♥