Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dynel Dolly

I thought that I might just make a quick post of a few pictures from the 1967 photo shoot of the lovely Twiggy wearing a long Dynel hair piece as she poses in a variety of cute hand knitted outfits.

In the later 1960's in order to assist in gaining height in beehive and bouffant hairstyles, many women wore Dynel hairpieces. Dynel was a synthetic hair that was originally used for Barbie Dolls. The product could be bought from large department stores and there it would be dyed to accurately match the buyer's hair colour. It would then be pinned to the woman's head in a way that it would appear as natural hair. It could be disguised by braiding it, hiding the pins with strands of natural hair wrapped around them, or by using a pretty head band or ribbon, as Twiggy has done so for this photo shoot. 

Dynel was also used to make faux fur in the 1960's.  It can be seen used in many vintage coats and handbags.


  1. I love the first dress, so nice! I don't know if you've already seen it but BBC has a rather new documentary about the 60s and they cover quite well the hair styles (cut and hairdos). If you haven't seen I can try to find you the link xxx

    1. No, I have not yet seen it, but would very much love to! If it is no trouble I'd very much appreciate it if you could find me the link.

    2. Oh I think they are not broadcasting it anymore... I remember it was part of the Britain on Film thing but I can't see to find a link other than this one

    3. Thank you! I'll definitely check it out!

  2. I just love this photo shoot. The clothes, the hair, Twiggy - everything is just gorgeous! x