Monday, January 13, 2014

Brown Paper, String and a Star

A few days ago was my best friend's birthday. We met up and spent the day together, seeing a movie and designing our own teddy bears to keep. I wanted to name mine after a Beatle, but couldn't choose, so I instead mashed up all their last names into one ridiculous word that is quite a mouthful to say. Anyway, in all honesty, though I love to do so I can get quite anxious when buying presents for other people.  But after years of stressful Christmas, birthday and anniversary lead ups I've begun leaving it to what just feels right - I'll know it when I see it. And goodness it is a comforting thought, especially when your immediate family is as huge as mine! I always like to make up a little parcel or bag of special goodies for this wonderful friend of mine. This year they included an owl snow globe, a red candle holder with a velvet heart upon it and a set of quality oil pastels. 

She also surprised me with a late Christmas present too! A lovely English mug with English breakfast tea and some sweet candy eggs. Yum. She knows me too well!

Do you ever get stressed about buying presents? How were you this just passed Christmas?
Better than me I hope!


  1. What a lovely, thoughtful present. I often get stressed out buying for others but luckily for me I don't have many to buy for at Christmas!

  2. oh such a lovely gift! I love selecting and wraping presents and then watching them open it! I like to really think about what that person might like to see when they open the present and then i pick presents like that. though for my boyfriend i never know what to buy!

  3. I get very stressed buying presents, especially when I don't know what to buy. Decisions, decisions...

  4. this is really a wonderful gift, especially the pastels look great, i guess everything where they are used will be a masterpiece of art!
    oh yes i tend to get very stressed when it comes to presents, first i think i have enough time to think of something and then i remember one or two days before i need a present!!! lol
    i changed that last christmas with making many gifts by myself, so it was impossible to wait too long.