Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pillow Talk

Here's a nice little gift that I was surprised with not long ago. A set of never before opened 'His and Hers' pillow slips from the 1960's. They are 100% cotton and I think have such a groovy design upon them. I am very excited to use them but I am too worried about taking them out of their original packaging. Maybe I should just go for it. If you have good eyes you will see that I've already made an accidental little tear in the plastic whilst trying to peel the price tag off. What do you think? Open them, or leave them be?


  1. I have the same problem! I get things in their original packaging and think 'unless i'm going to try and sell them, why not use them? They're really fun' But at the same time don't want to open them at all. *sigh* one of those things i guess.

  2. They're certainly very lovely, I imagine they'll look splendid when you and your boy get a new apartment.
    I'm exactly the same with packaged finds, it seems a shame to open them when they've been with their packaging for so long, but on the other hand it also seems a shame not to use them for their intended use. Personally I think I'd use them and keep the packaging (but I am a complete hoarder!)