Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vintage Maya

Since moving back from our old place I've realized how bland it was there. Yes, we had those beautiful pop-art-feely red walls, but the boy and I never really decorated. We didn't have anything hanging on the walls. No cushions on the couch. It was all very plain. So I've recently been pining over creative home decor, inspired by the vintage that I know and love, with statement patterns and colour palettes that can liven up our next place together and overall make it feel like a 'home' rather than just a place of residence. And so, I was very pleased to come across Vintage Maya. 

Vintage Maya is an online boutique that sells a large variety of vintage inspired product, from home decor to fashion items, with a bit of a modern flare to them. Each product is selected with care from artisans and independent designers from around the globe. This coincides with the website's philosophy of beauty, love and artistry and that "everything we choose is an extension of ourselves to express who we are and who we want to be"; something that I am quite passionate about and feel is necessary when building a home or place for yourself. 

These pillow covers are just new on the website. I can imagine that some of you may think that I am strictly into the 'mod' scene of the 1960's, but that is not the case. I am also inspired and infatuated by the richness of designs that came into play around the late 1960's; exotic patterns, fabrics and colour palettes from places like Morocco and India and also the Art Nouveau movement. And I must say that these covers remind me exactly of that, even though the designs from these have actually been inspired by the architectural beauty that is Palazzo and via Mazzini in Turin and mother nature's delicate sakura and magnolia flowers. I think these would be perfect to brighten up the next home we find, and the calm cool colours would also be a nice change from our old aggressive red walls.

I've also had my eye on the lookout for quilt (or duvet) covers. We used to just have a big blanket covering our bed, so next time around we want something a tad bit more luxurious than that! Vintage Maya also stock quilt covers and bedding sets, so they have also been serving me for some lovely bedding inspiration! It's not often that I come across bed sets that I really like (hence the old blanket), but I must say that I do like the simplicity of the Nordic Gray and White set and the Francia White Mint set.

Do check out their website. Though what I've displayed here may not quite be your taste there is plenty more variety to choose from or have a squizz at. There really is something for everyone and I can imagine some of the products would make great gifts. I myself may have already picked out some presents from some of my family members!

*This has been a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love the "who we want to be" part- sometimes the way you choose to decorate really does help to reinforce the type of person you are. And i love the medley of pillows! They look so fun with their mix of patterns. Happy decorating at your new place :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. The pillows are great, there are so many ways you can mix and match them!

  2. Oooh those are such pretty patterns! We didn't really start decorating our place until we had lived there for about a year, it amazing how much more homey it makes your home feel! We tended to go with calmer colors as well, lots of blues and light grays.

    1. It takes so long to get settled in a place doesn't it? I do love bright colours, but I think there is a truth behind the concept of colour therapy. Calmer colours are now optimum in my books.