Sunday, August 17, 2014

Seeing Double

Here's a little something that I thought was interesting. I came across this photo of Ringo Starr with two fans not long ago, taken on Miami Beach in 1964 by Harry Benson. Now I've seen this picture countless times before, but what I never really noticed was the swimsuit that the girl on the right was wearing: a beautiful black glossy one piece with a silver zipper down the front. What interested me is that it looks to be the exact same swimsuit that Ringo's then future wife, Maureen Cox, would wear two years later on Arnos Vale Beach in Tobago, whilst on holiday with the Beatle as well as John Lennon and his wife, Cynthia Powell, in 1966. 

Coincidence? What do you think? 

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  1. I've heard all sorts of stories regarding this, the most common being that Ringo bought the swimsuit from Miami as a gift for Mo (as obviously they were dating in '64 and it would make sense for him to bring her presents from his travels). It is quite a mystery though as we'll never know for sure! And if that is the case, I wonder if he saw it on the fan first and asked her where it was from or if it was a coincidence she too owned it? Mo must have clearly liked it to still be wearing it 2 years later which is very sweet.

    1. I'm very glad that you could provide me with some more information! That sounds like such a sweet story for Ringo to have brought it back from Miami for her. I was imagining myself that he must have seen the swimsuit on the fan and decided to buy one for Maureen. But yes, I wonder if we'll ever know the truth.
      Either way, I find little things about The Beatles family like this very interesting. I suppose for me it acts like a reminder that despite how well documented their lives were, and are, there will still always be things that we will never know about them; things that will be lost in history and only live on through the memories of those involved.

  2. Interesting! The world may never know. D:

  3. I like Faye's comment, either that or it was a popular style of swimsuit and therefore quite a few people had them... But even still, the idea of Ringo buying it for Mo is a sweeter idea

  4. awesome style! I should look through the older styled swimsuit more often! I'd definitely so wear this style!

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