Friday, February 24, 2012

Twig the Wonder Kid and Her Bundle of Gear

The following posts will centre upon some of the official merchandise and memorabilia that was released by different companies during the peak of English supermodel Twiggy's career in 1967 and 1968.

UK Merchandise

Twiggy Dresses

Twiggy Coat Hanger (supplied with Twiggy dress)

Twiggy Tights

Forget Oxfam Feed Twiggy Badge

US Merchandise

Twiggy Board Game (Milton Bradley 1967)

Twiggy Barbie Doll (Mattel 1967)

Twiggy Lunch Box and Thermos (Aladdin 1967)

Twiggy Paper Dolls (Whitman 1967)

Twiggy False Eye Lashes (Yardley)

Twiggy Tights (Hampton Trimfit 1967)

Twiggy Dress Up Kit (Colorforms 1967)

Twiggy Binder (Mattel 1967)

Twiggy Treasure Box (Mattel 1967)

Twiggy Fashion Tote Bag (Mattel 1967)

Twiggy Pen (Scripto 1967)

Twiggy Sweater

Twiggy Magazine titled Her Mod Mod Teen World

Twiggy By Twiggy (Biography written by American journalist)

(List from the official Twiggy website, Image)

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