Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thrift Finds and Jaffa Flavoured Ice Cream


- Black mini dress with peter-pan collar and white trim
- White tights
- Black block-heeled mary-janes
- Vintage white bag
- Black ring
- White bow shaped barrette

This past week I just couldn't seem to find my teasing comb, and it's left my hair completely lost. So, I actually tried something different with my hair for once. No, it's nothing fancy, but it is a change for me! I am notorious for my inability to wear different styles - mainly due to my laziness, but I was really quite pleased with the results. It's also been a long while since I've worn this dress, and I forgot how much I loved it. And luckily for me, I got compliments from strangers all the day for it (which certainly made up for the funny stares that I happened to receive all day too).
Anyway, yesterday I went thrifting, and I think that I may have come home with the biggest load I've ever had.

Brown suede lace-up boots - $8.00
These are not usually my style, but they fit me just right and seemed like a nice change.
Yeah, I know. It's a terrible picture (not that any of the others are any better).

Vintage tapestry bag with chain - $2.00

Chocolate brown satin blouse with false diamond buttons - $4.00

In the glass cabinet in the store where I bought these, there were also three beautiful pairs of gloves. There were black satin elbow-length ones for only $3.00. I wanted them very much, but then I remembered that I already have a pair of mid-length black gloves and two pairs of elbow-length black lace gloves. But that didn't stop me wanting the vintage pair: tan suede elbow-length gloves with three silver buttons on the wrist. They were absolutely beautiful, but unfortunately a little too dear for me. I had to let them pass.

I was then lucky enough to find these! A pair of chocolate brown suede over-the-knee boots, and for only $9.00! I've been dreaming of shoes like these all my life, and hoping every time I enter a second hand store that the perfect pair will be waiting there for me. Lo and behold, I was at last blessed with them yesterday.

In another store a lady called me aside and showed me this most beautiful 1960's nightie with a matching brunch coat, by a brand called Texwear Lingerie. I tried it on and it fits quite nicely, and the material is so beautiful. It reminds me of a little china doll's dress. I had to have it, especially when it was only $12.00. The pictures really don't do it justice.

Polka-Dot Trench Coat - $9.00

Black lace up boots with buckle - $3.00

As soon as I saw these I immediately thought of this man.

Vintage Jewellery Box - $4.00
I've been meaning to buy another vintage jewellery box, as my first one is getting quite packed. I'd come across a couple but they just didn't seem right for the job. This one is near perfect, and coincidently looks very similar to my first one.

When I purchased the box, they lady at the store forget to remove the contents. I didn't realize until I came home that day. And within it was this beautiful little vintage brooch, among other little odds and ends and charms.

Satin night gown with lace trim - $2.00
I am completely in love with this.

I had so many bags that day that at one of the last stores I visited I left without one, and had to rush back to get it! Walking home was also a bit of a job, especially in heels. I had to take them off and walk the way home in tights.

While I was in town, not only did I buy a Jaffa flavoured ice cream, which was amazing, but I also picked up my tickets for The Bootleg Beatles. I really cannot wait to see them, and I'm having such difficulty trying to pick out the most perfect dress to wear.

That night my sisters and I all went up to a family friend's place for a swim and tea. I was telling her about my wonderful finds of the day, and then she brought down her jewellery box. She let me choose anything I wanted, and I will treasure them like I do the first vintage jewellery box she gave me. Here are just a couple of the things she gave to me.

When I saw these I immediately thought of this darling:

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  1. Ooh, you are such a lucky lady! What great finds! The nighty and brunch coat made my heart skip a beat. Every lady needs a polka dot trenchcoat. And the over-knee boots are just dreamy. I love thrifting, but it has been ages. In my hometown is one good thriftstore, but they are pretty expensive. And last time I visited, it was just packed with lots of eighties things. Not my cup of tea. I love your blog, it has a true sixties vibe to it.

    love, Miss Dee

    1. oh gosh i love your fab black and white dress! you look like you stepped right from carnaby street in the sixties! this is really adorable darling!
      happy easter!

    2. Thank you both of you! I hope that you both had a lovely Easter!

  2. So jealous! Thrifting in my town is so useless that, once in a blue moon, when I do find vintage I always end up buying it whether or not I like it or it fits me. I'm so incredibly envious of the night gown especially. I just saw the Bootleg Beatles at the end of March, the new guy who plays John looks AMAZINGLY like him. Same nose and everything! They were so great.

    1. Oh don't worry, I've been in that situation plenty of times where I've just bought something vintage even if it doesn't quite fit me or it's not usually something I'd wear. How great that you saw The Bootleg Beatles! I am so excited. On the pamphlet they look so much like them I can't believe it. I hope that you had a good time!

  3. That monochrome outfit is fab! :)

  4. Hi, I found the same EXACT same 1960's Texwear Lingerie. nightie and brunch coat. (I am also in Australia) it is absolutely lovely.