Saturday, April 28, 2012

Navy Shorts and Shoes


- White blouse
- Navy shorts with giant bow on the waist
- Frilly white knee high socks
- Vintage navy shoes
- Vintage navy bag
- Pearl earrings
- Cameo brooch with bow

I went looking for treasure this Thursday, and though I did not end up going to all the stores I'd hoped to, I still came home with some wonderful things!

 This neat dress. I was a little reluctant to buy it, as it didn't fit me quite as good as I'd hoped, but it reminded me too much of this dolly.

I literally pounced at this little hot pink hat-box shaped plastic wicker bag when I saw it. And it was only $3.00! Really, the picture does not do it any justice. I cannot wait to wear it with my vintage pink beads.

Now this was lucky. At Supanova, (which I mentioned here), I found a pair of white PVC Go-Go boots, something that I've wanted for years. However, I've been trying to save and they were a little too dear for me so I let them pass. But the thrifting gods blessed me with a black suede pair in exactly my size for only $7.00! I'm glad I waited! 


  1. oh i love love love your white socks darling! and this bag! gosh! and it´s so great to know i´m really amazed that there are so many egyptian history obsessed gals ;)
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Wow! Exquisite and adorable outfit all at once.