Friday, May 24, 2013

Choose a Side to Be On

About a week ago I came to a realization. It is in regards to the fabulous 1960's/1970's designers Mary Quant, Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin, and Barbara Hulanicki. Yes, I adore the designs that all these fabulous ladies created, and always have since they first came to my discovery. But who is my favourite? I am still deciding.

Mary Quant and 'Bazaar'

Marion Foale and Sally Tuffin and 'Foale and Tuffin'

Barbara Hulanicki and 'BIBA'

So dollies. This makes me wonder who is your favourite?
And for what reason?

One the sidebar of my blog, right at the top, I have added a poll. I would love for you to take it. All it requires is a click of a button next to which designer you prefer best. And if you would like, do feel free to message me or comment telling me who you voted for, and why? I would very much love to hear. I hope to feature some of your answers in a future post regarding the winning designer of the poll.

The poll closes on the 7th of June at 12:00pm UTC +10:00 time.
Thus, click away!

Perhaps it will help me decide who I prefer best!

Title: From "The Black Angel's Death Song" - The Velvet Underground


  1. Barbara Hulanicki for sure! I love the whole concept of beautiful and affordable clothes, the whole BIBA brand (clothing, accessories, make-up, food, etc etc). Also the art deco vibes as brilliant! Barbara is by far my favourite designer! xxx

  2. I think Mary Quant is probably the most well-known (I live in the US and have found that to be so) but I agree - Barbara Hulanicki is my favorite these days. x

  3. I chose Barbara as well. I think she is the most deserving being that she created a entire feel of luxury around her affordable clothing. Her first mail order dress, a pink gingham shift, was so popular it was on back order for months and it was only her FIRST! Mary Quant, while the most popular name wise, was a great designer, but she was also a good promoter. Many people argue that she didn't invent the mini, she merely made it popular. (I would contribute the shorter hem to John Bates)

  4. My vote goes to Barbara as well, I just adore the clothes and love the art deco interior of the Biba shops. I do like Mary Quant but not as much as I love Biba.

  5. i voted mary quant! this was a bit of a hard choice considering how much i love the other two as well, but to me, mary quant's designs are the epitome of 60s mod and will never go out of style. she was revolutionary. whether she actually invented the mini skirt or not, her influence on fashion as a whole can't be denied.