Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Every Little Thing - The Stories Behind the Songs of The Beatles Project

Some years ago I purchased Steve Turner's book, "The Beatles: The Stories Behind the Songs", and let me tell you it is just brilliant. It is an archive listing each and every recorded and released Beatles song and, in as much detail as possible, describes how they came into this world as musical masterpieces to be remembered and valued always. 

As a solid Beatles fan, I am beginning a project in which I will dedicate a post to each and every one of these Beatles songs and the unique and precious stories that they have behind them with assistance from this book as well as other sources.  From "Please Please Me" to "Abbey Road", I will do so in chronological order of each album and include songs that were not released on albums separately according to the year that they were released.

I know that this is a mammoth task, and will possibly continue into next year, but it is something that I would like to do, and I know if you are a Beatles fan like me, you will appreciate these stories just as much as I do.
And no this does not mean that all my posts will be consumed by the likes of John, Paul, George and Ringo. I will still maintain my usually posts of all things that Lucy likes.

And so it begins!

First on the list we have The Beatles' 1963 debut album, "Please Please Me".


  1. I'd love to read more about it! I know the meaning behind some of the songs but I wouldn't say all of them so it will be great to follow your project! I'm looking forward for that!

  2. I'm a big fan of The Beatles so I'm looking forward to your posts! x

  3. You are a passionate blogger, dear Lucy, and that's the best kind. I experienced Beatlemania first hand and am eager to follow your series. Thank you and have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. How exciting! I'm very much looking forward to seeing these! I have a Beatles book as well but it only goes into the details of some songs so this will be good to know the rest!

  5. Wow! Great! I'm looking forward:) I've seen that book when I was 15
    and wanted to buy it since then.

  6. Thank you everyone! I hope that we all learn something new about The Beatles!

  7. This was one of the first Beatles books I recall reading as it was in my school library! Unfortunately at the time I was only just getting into the Beatles and what I really needed at that stage was more of a biography type book, but now that i’m a wee bit more knowledgable, I have often thought about rereading it (i couldnt remember what it was called though) So I really look forward to reading your posts! :)


    This should help you out!

    1. Thanks very much for the link, I shall definitely be using it!