Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Next Week She's In Stripes

I'm sure that most of you would agree that one of the easiest ways for a girl to get that typical look from the mid 1960's is to opt for a monochrome colour palette of black and white when it comes to choosing her clothing and accessories. And, with op art having been quite popular at the time, what better way is there than to incorporate geometry into the look? This can be very nicely done with thick, bold stripes. One woman who I think encapsulated this look marvelously well was Francoise Hardy.

I felt a little bit inspired by Francoise Hardy in stripes whilst going out the other morning. Usually I pair this dress with white tights and white plastic hoop earrings, but instead I cut down on the accessories in the hope that I'd look more reminiscent of Francoise's simple yet stunning look in these posted pictures.

Below are just a few images of some more sweet sixties ladies also looking marvelous in black and white stripes.

Images: (1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.)

Title: "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" - The Kinks


  1. You look fab, Lucy! You are "bringing it back alive" - recapturing the fun and the "anything goes" spirit of the mod 60s. It was very exciting for me to ride that wave as a teenager, and thanks to modern vintagers like you, I can experience it again in the new millennium.

    Your new layout and neutral color scheme make your blog very pleasing to the eye, dear friend. Good night to you and have a wonderful Thursday!

  2. oh my im going cross eyed from all the stripes! my most well worn item in my wardrobe is one of those stripy Breton tops. i love it to death and i wear it in many different ways.

    I love your dress - its almost a perfect reincarnation of Jean Shrimpton dress. i like that your pared down your look - your still fab!

  3. wow i had to look twice to spot you between all those sixties beauties you look really as you stepped out from there, so original!!! lovin thick stripes too;)

  4. I just love stripes, I have a lot of breton tops and dresses in my wardrobe! You look fab in your dress, so chic! x