Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beyond Retro - Lucy Loves Sixties Sweet

Hello again lads and ladies! This evening I was contacted by Beyond Retro to enter a blogger's competition. How exciting!

Beyond Retro is a vintage fashion clothing retailer that is based in the UK and stocks an incredible amount of beautiful, unique and stylish vintage clothing including dresses, blouses, skirts, handbags and much much more. It is really worth having a browse through their incredible collection. There is bound to be something there to cater for everyone's style and taste.

The competition requires entrees to create a collage of their favourite items from their collection and display and describe how and where they would wear them together in an outfit. The winner will receive a 75 pound voucher to use at Beyond Retro, a chance to be a part of the team for a day to shoot their top styles for the season and be interviewed over at their blog. Four runner ups will also be selected to be featured on the blog with a mini Q&A. Sweet!

So here is my entry: "Lucy Loves Sixties Sweet"

It is inspired by perhaps my very favourite year in the history of fashion, 1966. My look focuses on the sweet and youthful look of the mid sixties. Layering pretty blouses underneath shift dresses and pinafore dresses was considered very stylish then and tied in with the whole 'dolly-inspired' look of the day. Toss in a really lovely bag and some cute lace-up shoes and ta-da! Wonderful! I would accessorize this outfit with some black or red knee high socks and wear a black alice band in my hair. I think it would be great to wear on a chilly day whilst out hunting for vintage treasures, perfect for winter coming up soon here in Australia. 


  1. Great collage! The dress with the red turtle is fab, as are the shoes.
    Is there any way we can vote for this, or is the competition not open for voting?
    I know you'll do well.
    All the best,

    1. Thanks Abigail! No, there is't anyway that one can vote, but that's all good. Thanks again!

  2. Your collage looks amazing! I love your sense of style! Good luck with the contest :)

  3. The look is perfect, the 60s style is amazing! Have a great weekend :)
    xo Hannah


  4. such a cute outfit! My next project is a pinafore and blouse! i cant wait to jump into it.