About Me

Hello! My name is Lucy and I march to the beat of 'The Carnabetian Army'. 

What is that you may ask?

It was penned by Ray Davies in 1966 in the song "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" as a humorous homage to the fashion enthusiasts that would strut their stuff through Swinging London's Carnaby Street in the 1960's. 

This blog is a documentation of my life as someone that tries to relive the spirit of the time. And so, you'll see me posting about gorgeous vintage clothing, records that I add to my ever-expanding collection, stylish dolly-birds from the time and much more. Please do feel free to drop me a line and say hello or even ask any questions that you may have. I love hearing from my readers!

Some quick facts about me

- I am a complete 'screamie' for The Beatles. George Harrison is my favourite.
- I live in Australia and am currently studying at University.
- There isn't much in this world that makes me feel more 'me' than when I have a guitar in front of me.
- I am an avid drawer and for a while in the past I studied Fine Art.
- Eerie things fascinate me.


  1. you are a convincing looking "chick" from the 1960's.......

  2. Hello Lucy ! Glad to know her I shared your likes ! You are a beat girl ...