Friday, June 21, 2013

Curls from Cooly Rocks On

At last her is a picture of my curls from the "Cooly Rocks On" festival, as mentioned here, before they were destroyed by the menaces of the wind and rain. It was only a quick shot before we left the house as we were running quite late (hence the seriousness of my expression). Though now I do wish that I'd gotten a picture of the back of my hair as well, as I thought the curls at the back looked much lovelier and fluffier. But oh well.

I was also very pleased with my makeup that day, and I think it was one of the best jobs I'd done of it in a long while. This picture really does it no justice.

Every time I see my red walls in photos I grow on them just a little more.
I think I'm turning into a lover a red, something I never really was.


  1. Lovely! Your make up is really nice and your curls are lovely and bouncy! Have you every tried rag curls?
    I'm not a big fan of red. I the only red I own is part of a navy two tone dress. But today I did buy some red double knit for a drop waist dress I'm going to make. Brave move for the non red lover

    1. Yes, I have tried rag curls. Though when I did them I tied them way to close to my head so that it was very uncomfortable to sleep on, and that when I took them out though they did work to curl my hair, the result was more of a perm than lovey flowing curls. I am hoping to try again when I can get my hands on some scraps of nice fabric to cut into shreds.
      Have you ever done your hair in rag curls?
      I'm looking forward to seeing the dress that you plan to make!

    2. Yes I have done rag curls, but I was going to pin them up into victory rolls anyway. And I've tried the rubber twist things that the girls use for physical culture. I usually brush the tight curls out anyway because my hair doesn't hold them well - even if i empty a can of hairspray onto it, so it gets the soft look, but falls quickly.

  2. Hi, Lucy! I totally agree that you did a superb job with your hair and makeup. I'm sorry your carefully crafted look was soon spoiled by foul weather. This is a great picture because you pop against that red wall background. Vinyl records always sound better when you listen to them in a room with red walls. :) I encourage you and the boy to take more pictures like this one for the blog because high quality images generate tons of followers. Good night to you, dear friend Lucy!

  3. oh yes your hair looks absolutely beautiful here, i always have to fight with my hair if i want have curls (seldom it´s me who wins;) and also your make up looks gorgeous!
    hope you have a great weekend!