Monday, July 22, 2013

Seeing Double

Yet another "Seeing Double" post.
I am in love with this outfit that they are both pictured in.
Who do you think wore it better?

Sweet Lady Jane

Or This Little Bird?

Images (1. 2. 3. 4.)


  1. Jane Asher is lovely but I'll always be for Marianne! xxx

  2. I'll even up the contest by voting for Jane, dear Lucy, simply because of her overall look in these pictures. I like her thick, lustrous hair and bangs and the shape of her face. She reminds me of a girl I dated in my teens. Happy Monday to you, dear Lucy!

  3. Jane Asher! :) However, I'm biased because Jane is my favorite idol of 60s:)

  4. Oh it has to be Jane (I just love her hair!) x

  5. hmm i'm going to go for Marianne in this one! I like that she isn't perfect - just a little windswept.

  6. I think they both look gorgeous but i'd have to say Marianne!