Friday, July 12, 2013

There's A Red House Over Yonder

So much red! It is beginning to take over my life!


- Vintage red ribbed blouse
- Vintage cream coloured skirt with split in the leg
- Grey plaid cropped swing coat
- White tights
- Black mary-janes
- Black headband
- Black ring

It's been a while since I did an outfit post. Now that University has started back up again I'm just
a tad too busy to take a picture of what I wear for the day - but it's usually not much anyway, I'm almost always in too much of a rush to even do my signature makeup! Early this morning I attended my class for physical education in which I was required to run about a local sports centre in athletic clothes - something I don't feel too fabulous in. So when I went back to the University buildings in the afternoon for my theory classes I decided to get just a little bit more dolled up than usual to make myself feel just a little bit more fab than that morning. I also wore tights - haven't worn them in a while. I used to literally live in them, but the past year has been a hot one and after moving house I left my the majority of my colourful tights collection at my parents house. Though now I don't have the space for them. I'm hoping to make some when I get some free time. Or perhaps create some sort of storage for them in a box of some manner to keep in the cupboard.

This outfit today was inspired by the style of the beautiful woman Cynthia Lennon, in particular this 1965 image below photographed by Robert Whitaker. She is one of my absolute top fashion inspirations (as well as inspiration in general) and I believe she deserves a lot more recognition than she gets for her fabulous sense of style. 

Image: (1. 2.)

Title: "Red House" - Jimi Hendrix


  1. You look lovely and very much like Cynthia! I wish my hair was soft and shiny like yours, so jealous! And I hear you about the tights, I can't leave the house without them even if they are the exact colour of my skin. Hopefully I'll get over it and start showing my legs as you've been doing xxx

  2. Super pretty outfit. Red really suits you. You really do evoke the style & grace of another time. Sometimes I would swear I'm looking at someone from the 1960's! Xx

  3. You look lovely, this is such a great outfit on you x

  4. Hi, Lucy! Walls or wardrobe, red is definitely your power color and I admire the look you put together for this post. Here's wishing you a safe and happy weekend, dear friend!

  5. very nice outfit Lucy , love your red blouse !

  6. So pretty! Just like Cynthia! I never get to take outfit posts because of the short daylight hours. Its so depressing all this winter darkness!
    I've always felt bad for Cynthia - that she got dumped for Yoko, but she was still so lovely!
    Good luck with Uni as well!

  7. Thank you everybody! Reading your comments makes me very happy indeed! xxx

  8. oh you are always so cute and dolled up, love your perfect hair and red is a great color on you! also love this jacket!