Sunday, April 14, 2013

New 'Do


- New 'do
- Black singlet top
- Red 60's inspired mod skirt
- Black tights (that have been in the presence of Ringo Starr might I add)
- Black block-heeled Mary-Janes
- Vintage white purse

Though this may sound quite unbelievable, today I got my first ever professional haircut. 

All my life I have had my hair cut by family members, or have merely just cut it myself. I achieved this through a process of scrupulously studying the fringes of Marianne Faithfull, Pattie Boyd (and Brian Jones) and copying them to the best of my ability. So, this was a big thing for me! For the past year I have let my hair grow, and grow, and grow. Including my beloved fringe, until I no longer had one! At last I decided it was time to get the old 60's 'do back again. So. In I took my picture of Marianne and the lovely lady did her best to replicate it.

Please do excuse the dreadful quality of my picture. You see, in the past year I have also bought my first laptop, which I have christened Lovely Rita. We seem to get along alright, but the inbuilt camera isn't too keen to become too well acquainted with me yet.

Also today, on my way to the hairdressers, by chance I came across a Car Boot Sale. Fantastic! Looking rather out of place on one of the clothing racks was a big, black, beautiful 50's style petticoat. I have been looking for one that I can afford to buy for a very long time to wear under my 50's style dresses. I cautiously asked the woman at the stall how much it was. $2.00. Lucky me.
Moving on I found one of the most beautiful pairs of shoes that I have ever seen. Bright red, original 60's mod style and with a big gold buckle on them, I had to have them. But alas they were the tiniest bit to tight for my tootsies. You can imagine how disappointed I was. Though the owner found out that I collected 1960's vintage she was kind enough to let me have them for free to add to my collection. 

What do you think? Should I sell them?
(Don't mind the price stickers. I couldn't get them off.)


  1. She mastered the sides perfectly! Well done, it looks great :)

  2. Your hair looks amazing, she surely did a great job! And I'd say keep the shoes, they're lovely ;) xxx

  3. Hi Lucy!!! I'm Emma, I LIKE YOUR HAIR!!!^U^
    would you maybe like to follow each other?
    EMMA <3

  4. What, you paid only $2 for your petticoat? I shelled out $15 and it still needs some repair. Please make a post on it sometime so we can see your amazing steal.

    As for the shoes, ditch them. I know it hurts, but the pain cannot be worse than walking around in shoes that are too tight! Or keep them around until you find a friend with dainty feet into vintage looks...

  5. Marianne Faithful was a true style icon, I think you got the haircut just right!
    I love your 60s dollybird look so much, you pull it off beautifully <3