Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goodbye Davy: 30/12/1945 - 29/2/2012

I heard the news just then, and I still can't believe it.
How could Davy be gone? We'd only been watching his guest star appearance on "The Brady Bunch" the other day. We all literally flocked around the television for it, and giggled like mad thinking all the good memories and good laughs he'd brought us.

When I think of it, in all honesty Davy's face was one of the very first I could recognize in the world of celebrities. As very little children, my mother had taped The Monkees and would play it for us for what seemed like on a daily basis. We all adored it. Before four years of age I knew the faces of Mike, Micky, Peter and little Davy. We all used to tease each other about him and would fall into a fit of hysterics whenever his eyes sparkled when he saw a gorgeous girl, or try our hardest to mimic his dance moves.
Nowadays, if I'm driving with one of my sisters or we're scanning through each other's iPods, and a song like "Girl" or "Forget That Girl" comes on, without a doubt we'll stop what wearing doing and look at each other knowingly with a smile on our faces.

I'll never forget the story my mother told us of when she met Davy. She was down at our local beach walking our Dobermann, who happened to catch Davy's eye who was walking in her direction. They stopped and talked. He like our dog, and my mother and he even shared a kiss! She said he was all covered in coconut sun-tan lotion and was the same height as her!
A little while later, on my mother's birthday he rang her up, on our home phone! He wished her a happy birthday and sent her his autographed autobiography in the mail. I remember my little sister and I flipping through the pages and being shocked to see Davy older and without his mop-top!

And then of course who could forget the story she told us of how she saw him perform live at our local theatre, and he unexpectedly stripped completely in front of the audience! Every time we go to that theatre without fail she'll say "You know who's been on this stage, don't you?"
I don't think I'll ever forget. I know I'll never forget.
These will be stories that I hope to tell my children. This is the man who's show and music I hope to introduce them to, and hope that they love it just as much as I did, and still do.

Rest in peace Davy. Many thanks and love I send to you.

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