Monday, March 26, 2012

Styling Her Curls and Waves

On Tumblr I was asked about styles for wavy and/or curly hair in the sixties. Below are just some examples of the many ways that hair could be styled.

In the later sixites curled styles became much more popular for a variety of reasons. In 1968 "Romeo and Juliet" was released, popularizing a trend of romantic curls and Juliet sleeves within the fashion world. There was also the increased appreciation for the Art Nouveau period, which favoured natural and organic line and shape. Hairstyles would be influenced by this, and the short, sharp and geometric styles of the 'mod' sixties were on the way out. This could be clearly seen in new fashions like that of Barbara Hulanicki's Biba boutique, which also took inspiration from the styles and glamour of the 1940's. The ideals of the 'hippie' movement, favouring freedom and natural beauty, also assisted in the popularization of these styles. Rather than blow drying or ironing their hair straight, people now began to let their natural curls and waves loose and take advantage of them.

Barbara Hulanicki's Biba.

Pattie Boyd

Brigitte Bardot

Jean Shrimpton

Pamela Courson



Nancy Sinatra

Diana Ross

Lauren Hutton

Cathee Dahmen

Sharon Tate

Marisa Berenson

Jane Fonda

Linda Keith

Mary Hopkin

Grace Slick

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  1. Beautiful post, I also love curls so much!
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    1. Hello, thank you!
      I'd be glad to follow. And you have such great style!

    2. oh i love curls so much, i wish i could handy my curling tongs better to try more looks with curls, but unfortunately it also doesn´t last for long time with my hair:(

    3. I can relate! My hair is the exact same D:>