Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stumbling Upon Gold


- Green button-up blouse
- Navy blue jeans
- Vintage tan leather belt
- Vintage tan leather lace up boots
- Vintage tan bag
- Locket

Inspired by Pattie darling:

Today I found some of the most wonderful things!

I decided to venture to my local antique store, as the last time I went there was when I went to see the daytime session of "Breakfast At Tiffany's" just over a month ago. I wasn't expecting anything. I was intending to just have a little look at the clothes, but something caught my eye. Something very wonderful! "Rubber Soul". I'd know that album by the cm2. I ran towards it and picked it up, looking closely to see that it was only $25.00! I began flipping through the stack of LPs before me, hoping for more gold, and yes! "Abbey Road"! And for only $20.00! The only other times I've seen these albums in record stores in my area they've been priced at least twice as much as this. Though my mother already has "Rubber Soul", and two copies of "Abbey Road", I decided to buy them to add to my own personal collection. For that price I'd be mad not too!
I also found a copy of "All Things Must Pass" for $45.00, but it's condition was not too fab. It was all stuck together with sticky tape and written all over with pen. I decided to leave it and spend big for a beautiful copy one day. I told my mother about it when I got home. She then informed me that her copy of this album had never even been played! I knew she had it, but gosh this was a surprise!

I also tried on a few pairs of shoes, but none of them fit quite right, nor was there anything really that I could afford at the moment in the clothes section. I began walking to the counter, still wonderfully pleased with my finds, and then GASP! It got better! The most beautiful dress I could ever dream of. It was only $34.00. I had to try it on. It is a little tight, and the inner lining had been hemmed up unusually high, but it was too beautiful to pass. It looks so perfect hanging in my wardrobe, and I could never had asked for a better colour!

I also had a little visit to some of the second hand stores in my area. I found a pair of vintage red clip-on hoop earrings for $1.00, and my day got even better when I found something I've always wanted. A vintage black velvet choker with a cameo. And for only $3.00.
The first time I ever saw one was in my first year of primary school. It was 'Federation Day'. This meant that we all dressed up in clothing inspired by the early 1900's to celebrate the anniversary of Australia's Federation. At assembly, the principal stood before us all, and around her neck was a black velvet choker with a cameo.
I meant it when I said I've always wanted one.

Today my sister and I were also planning to buy tickets to see a Magic Show, but they were all sold out by the time we got there. And I was thinking of wearing my new dress to it too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent up the coast with my sister getting her laptop fixed and drinking a macadamia milkshake. When we were walking out of the shopping centre I nearly flipped in my shoes when I happened to glance up in a men's clothes shop window and see a picture of Pattie by David Bailey in a grid formation on a sweater! I couldn't believe it, and I wondered how many people passing by would recognize her. I didn't get to see which shop it was as we were in a hurry, but there you go.

And just now before I started making up this post, I received a script from my agent to see if I'm good enough to go forward into acting. I will have a screen test, will be assessed on a variety of things such as script interpretation and emotion, and I will be judged by a directing crew. I really can't believe that I'm doing something like this. It makes me wish very much that I could have done a Screen Test with Andy Warhol. Though I'm very nervous, I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well and something wonderful comes out of it! I want my 15 minutes of fame!


  1. oh you are really a fabulous pattie lookalike darling;) and this green dress is amazing, i love it madly and can´t wait to see it on you!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Eeek thank you! I'd give anything to look like Pattie, and I cannot wait to wear that dress! :o

    Lucy x