Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vinyl Goodies

As well as the Twiggy Barbie Doll, in 1967 American toy company Mattel Inc. also released "four fun products that happen to be what's happening!" These included the Twiggy Binder, the Twiggy Treasure Box, the Twiggy Tote and the Twiggy Mini Purse. All products had a "Soft vinyl construction", were washable and came in either white or yellow varieties, each with colourful graphics and a photographic image of Twiggy.

The Twiggy 3-Ring Binder

The Twiggy Treasure Box, measuring approximately 8 x 5 inches. It came with a lock and key, and the interior was lined with blue vinyl.

The Twiggy Fashion Tote Bag

The Twiggy Mini-Purse with chain, blue vinyl interior and "removable photo holder section". The purse was packaged in clear plastic with a pink cardboard header. It also included a "mirror, nail file, pencil, note pat & comb! Bill pocket & zipper pocket!"

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  1. oh i want a twiggy purse like that! so fabulous!
    love and kiss,mary