Friday, March 2, 2012

The Dolly-Bird and the Doll

Back in the 1967, the Twiggy Barbie Doll was on the Christmas or birthday wish list of any girl who worshiped the teen sensation, or Barbie in general. 45 years later and things still haven't changed for some people. Collectors of Barbie, Twiggy and 1960's toys in general from all over the world are still aspiring to get their hands on the doll and call it their own.

The Twiggy Barbie Doll was released by the American toy company Mattel in 1967, was manufactured in Japan, and would remain on the market for approximately two years. It was the first Mattel doll to be fashioned after a celebrity, and included special features to increase the likeliness between doll and dolly-bird. The doll's face used the same mold as the Casey Barbie Doll, but had heavier makeup, with blue eye shadow and painted on lashes beneath the eyes, as well as rooted "Real Eyelashes", to resemble Twiggy's signature eye makeup. She also had Twiggy's short and sharp signature blonde boy-cut hairstyle and came with an outfit just as mod as herself.
This consisted of blue, green and yellow striped cotton mini dress, nylon panties, and soft plastic yellow go-go boots to complete the ensemble.

Being among the latest designs in the Barbie world, the Twiggy doll had a "Twist 'N' Turn Waist" and "Bendable Legs" which could click into three different positions. This enabled the doll to be positioned into a greater variety of poses, and allowed more movement. For little girls this meant that the Twiggy doll could run, jump, dance and even do the twist.

Her body was made with identical dimensions to that of both the Francie Barbie Doll and the Casey Barbie Doll, meaning that they could mix and match clothes and get more wear for worth out of each of their wardrobes. However, the Twiggy doll also had four different specially tagged outfits made just for her, which were released the next year in 1968.
These included:


A sleeveless yellow knit mini dress with green and white stripes horizontal stripes from the hip down, yellow socks, plastic yellow shoes with bows molded into the top of them, a double stranded string of green and white beads and a yellow purse on a golden chain to match the ensemble.


A sleeveless yellow and orange mini dress with a checkered bodice and horizontally striped body, a matching checkered scarf, plastic orange heels, and a little collection of cosmetics including a pink and white powder puff, a brown eye pencil, a black eyelash brush, and a hand-held mirror, brush and comb, all to be carried within a matching plastic orange carry-case.

Twiggy Turnouts

A mini dress with a silver-coloured metallic skirt, silver belt, and orange, yellow, green and white vertically striped bodice, plastic metallic silver boots, a two nylon swimsuit in stripes identical to the dress' bodice, and a little Barbie Fashions booklet.

Twiggy Gear

A jumpsuit consisting of white vinyl-like trousers and a pink sleeveless bodice with white and blue horizontal stripes, a plastic blue belt and gold-coloured buckle, plastic blue shoes with buckles molded into the top of them, a pink floppy hat with a blue tie and a plastic black camera.

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