Monday, March 5, 2012

Red Lips and Black Gloves

Today I spent the day out shopping all the while feasting on chocolate chip muffins, hot cross buns and French Vanilla Oreos that strangely (but deliciously) tasted like mint. I didn't end up buying too much. Just a black felt hat with a bow, a floral scarf, a black elasticized belt, a string of pink beads and a little stack of makeup. Oh yes, and a pink belt and little navy blue swimming trunk thingys. Okay so maybe I spent a little more than I thought. But I suppose that always seems to happen.

What was different today though was that I decide to step back in time just a little further than I usually do. For the past few days I've been trying my hand at 1940's inspired hairstyles. I'm not all that terrific but I'm getting there and I was quite pleased with what I achieved this morning: little curls on top of my head. So today I decided to try my best to dress accordingly with my hair.

My outfit consisted of:

- Vintage red vertically ribbed top
- Black and white checkered high-waisted skirt
- Vintage red belt with gold clasp (which is in terrible condition. I am really needing to find a way to mend it)
- Black block-heeled mary-janes
- Black tights
- Vintage ladies wristwatch
- Vintage black gloves with black flowers embroidered on them.
- Black rose cameo ring
- Vintage white purse
- And a slick of red lipstick, which for some reason made me all the more smiley than usual.

Yes I know it's a terrible picture and it doesn't do the outfit much justice. My room is perhaps the worst in the house for lighting.

All the day I got the usual odd looks from strangers, and wished I could have stepped back in time and been with my Grandma as a young lady in the 40's, taking the ferry across the river and spending the day in the big city were she worked together. I think that the time is now my new little obsession at the moment. I can't get enough of it!

I also finally filled the gold atomizer that my mother got me for my birthday. It now contains a lily scented perfume, and I took it out with me today. It was so lovely to spray from such a pretty little bottle that I had to stop myself so that I wouldn't waste the perfume!

I also decided to take out one of my vintage pocket mirrors for the first time. I've had it for a couple of years but I just never got about to bringing it out on little adventures with me. It is a dual mirror that folds out, with an image of a rose tapestry on each side.

I also wore my new vintage wristwatch for the first time too. I found it at an antique store earlier this week for only $5.00 and simply had to have it. It has no battery in it yet, but I wore it any way for it was just too pretty not too!

It is the little things like that that just make me so happy. I just love dressing up. It makes me feel so alive, and I believe it brings out the best in me.

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