Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Put Razzle-Dazzle in Your Writing!"

For many people, including myself, the experience (or task) of writing can be made just that little bit more enjoyable (or bearable) if one is using a nice, snazzy pen that writes well. I would adore one of these Twiggy Pens, released by Scripto in 1967.

"Only Scripto makes this new ball-point Twiggy Pen. It's Twiggy tall to give you more ink. It's sizzle-striped to put razzle-dazzle in your writing! Six colour combinations. Hot colours. Cool colours. 69c for one Twiggy Pen. $1.98 for a gift box of three different Twiggy Pens."

Graphics from the original boxes in which the Twiggy Pens were shipped to stores in.

Store display for Twiggy Pens.

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  1. They are amazing!
    I love funny vintage merchandising,I totally need a Twiggy pen,now!

  2. Love Twiggy - must see if The Boyfriend is available on ebay.